i had an 10gb scsii hd which went over the limits (100mb of free space).
my operating system was windows xp.
so i got a new 18gb scsii to replace it.
because of the software allready instaled i disided to ghost the 10gb on the 18gb with norton ghost 2003.

the ghost went ok  and my pc booted ok with a minor fault.
the  disk manager  showed the disk as 18gb and used 18gb (free 0 mb)
and in windows had the same disk space as before (10gb!! with 100mb free!!!)
the disk is the boot disk and its dynamic.
is there any way to expand the 10gb to the true 18gb?

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>>>its dynamic

I think that might be the problem. The volume was marked 10GB's and it that carried over to the other disk. Not sure how to go about correcting this.
Ghost has limitations on dynamic disks and Norton suggests ghosting each partition to a file.
You can use partition commander to dynamicly convert the disk to basic (Microsoft can't do this without data loss) and re-ghost, or create an extended partion on the drive and move some stuff off of C.

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There is also this that supposedly convert dynamic to basic. It is a sweet of utitlites but the one the does it is DiskPatch
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Windows XP has inbuilt feature to convert the disk to Basic. Check this out here:

Yeah it does convert it but at the cost it appears of loosing everythng that is on the voulume.
from: ""
"You must first delete all dynamic volumes on the disk, and then convert the dynamic disk back to a basic disk"
I've found that procedure to have a negative effect on accessing the data that was in those volumes...
Your mileage may vary...
Yeah I think deleting the volume is no differetn than deleteing a partion in that it removes the MFT or FAT which in essence makes the partition/volume appear empty.
voulgarisAuthor Commented:
thanx guys i tried that with the partition commander WICH <edited for imporper content> UP MY DISK for good.
anyway formated the disk and ready to go.
couldn't find that error on Micro$

I'd be interested in what happened with Partition Commander, as it seems to be one of the few utilities that purports to convert dynamic disks to basic... and it's been used to that end successfully by a couple of my clients. I don't want to continue to suggest it as a solution if there are problems.
I'd also be interested in how your disk came to be dynamic as you didn't seem to be using any storage management features requiring a dynamic disk.
Yes I am too interested in the information.
voulgarisAuthor Commented:
the disk was dynamic beacause i was planing to put another  scsii and do a stripe set.
All i did with partition commander was convert dynamic back to basic to resolve the problem with the false disk size. When it ended (and reboot) my disk was unreadeable and with a partition that no utility could identify.
I think that the  thing went wronk because the disk was enabled as compresed under the windows.(not sure ! my poor opinion)

i hope  this was helpfull
keep up the good work


voulgarisAuthor Commented:
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