Updating rows in memory DataTable


I'm interesting if its posible to update row of DataTable with new data.

I'm creating table:

DataTable OutTable=new DataTable("IndexTicker");
After I insert rows in table I want to update every 10 secound data
in table with new index data. Primary colomn is IndexCode.

Any idea?

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Is this an ASP.NET application, or a Windows Forms application.
The direction to go depends greatly on which of these your writing for.

tomazsrAuthor Commented:
Windows form application that use Web Services and I want that
requery on web services (lasts 3-5 secound) run in separate thread.

Try using the System.Timers.Timer component.
Set the Interval to be 6 seconds to make update ~10 seconds (9 to 11sec.)
Handle the Timer.Elapsed event.
In the method handling the Timer.Elapsed event, query the webservice, get the data.
Find the row using:
DataRow[] rows = OutTable.Select("IndexCode = " + IndexCodeOfRowToUpdate);
if(rows.Length == 1) { // If one row match found
    DataRow r = (DataRow)rows.GetValue(0);
    r["columnName"] = webServiceDataForColumnName;

NOTE: This would only allow updating of one row (one selected in datagrid maybe?) every ten seconds,
          did you want to update each row on its own 10sec interval starting from when added? (little more complicated)

I think this is what you want.

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