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i need to make a makefile first, to produce 16 files. I have try1.c, try2.c .....till try16.c. I need to run make to produce these 16 files,. and i have now:

list_file_1: try1.o
     cc -o list_file_1 try1.o
try1.o: try1.c
     cc -c try1.c

i donno wats wrong with them~~~ :____(

the error: 'ake: Fatal error: Don't know how to make target `try1.o
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which one is your main (driver) file? you're telling it in the first line:
>>list_file_1: try1.o
while it should be a .c file

an example:
prog: prog.cpp file1.o file2.o
        CC -o prog prog.cpp file1.o file2.o
file1.o: file1.cpp file1.h
        CC -c file1.cpp
file2.o: file2.cpp file2.h
        CC -c file2.cpp

etc. (The .h part is just for when you have it)
Make sure that the command lines (i.e. the lines that begin with cc) begin with a tab character, and not spaces.  Also, leave a blank line between each rule set (i.e. between the cc -o list_file_1 try1.o and the try1.o : try 1.c.


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>>Also, leave a blank line between each rule set
I don't think that is necessary???
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I don't think it's necessary, either, but I've never seen a makefile that didn't do it that way.  It's just good style.
jtcyAuthor Commented:
I am so sick of this, i now have:

list_file_1: list_file_1.c try1.o
    cc -o list_file_1 list_file_1.c try1.o

try1.o: try1.c
    cc -c try1.c

it says unexpected end of line seen in line 3. what;s wrong with it? I need to make a file called list_file_1.c by using just try1.c only. I am very sure the second and the fifth line start with a tab.
have you tried removing that 3rd line and run makefile again?
jtcyAuthor Commented:
I tried, it;s still the same error
So you wrote this and it still says "unexpected end of line seen in line 3"?

list_file_1: list_file_1.c try1.o
    cc -o list_file_1 list_file_1.c try1.o
try1.o: try1.c
    cc -c try1.c

What compiler/OS are you using to run makefile? And did you create the makefile file from Windows by any chance?
jtcyAuthor Commented:
yes, that;s wat i have. um~~~ i wrote that at home on windows xp and then ssh to my sch;s server which is unix solaris i think
Try to create makefile on UNIX instead of windows. That might have something to do the way Windows creates text files.
Or, if your UNIX system has a dos2unix command, run it on the file.

UNIX make is very picky with respect to characters.  It insists on tabs for command lines (no faking it with a bunch of space characters) and newlines (no carriage returns).  The convention on Microsoft operating systems is to do line breaks with CRLFs (carriage return, new line pairs).  Thus, this breaks some older programs on UNIX.

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