How do I know which one I have on my box??  Thanks
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this should solve your dilema
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
so, it is the only way to check??  can i check it somewhere on windiws??
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
also, one of my coworkers' box shows "scsi driver not installed" when boots up, does it mean it is scsi??
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It would help if you posted some more details, about the computer you have the problem with, ie. what operating system etc
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
This is the situation I have...

For some reason, his machine administrator password got changed, and his right also has been changed, he now can not even change date/time, because always prompt for "need proper privilege"

No one knows admin password. So, the idea is to reset admin using some sort of sortware.  But during the process of creating boot disk,  It asks if it has scsi contriller.

by the way, it is win 2k

when the system boots up the POST test will tell what you have in the system.
It will identify  a  Primary Master drive & Possibly a secondary one as well.
If it  is an IDE it will go straight from the POST test to saying "verifying DMI pool data" & then load Win2k.
If you have an IDE drive running on an Ultra DMA adapter it will appear as a SCSI adapter & load the drive from there.
If it is a SCSI drive the POST will not see the drive as a Primary master but will load the SCSI device drivers & then mount the drive.

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mcrmgAuthor Commented:
POST test??? Is it when you press DEL or F1????

Also, his machine shows "SCSI controller did not installed while booting"
i think you are seeing "SCSI BIOS not installed", is that correct?
ok you probably have an Ultra DMA adapter installed with IDE drives.
If the adapter is interfering with the boot up you can remove it & plug your HDD into the primary IDE slot on your mother board & continue with setup.
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
I am not sure actually....I have to confirm this on monday when I am back to the office......

If I did not plug hdd into primary ide slot on the motherboard....would it affect my admin password reseeing??  Thanks
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
When I was doing some test for resetting the admin, a boot cd was created.  I used it on my desktop, it was ok.

But on my laptop, it said "Failed to install network adapter -- check WINBOM"

What does that mean??

Thank you very much.
You either have a different network card than the one it is looking for, or don't have a card at all.
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