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There is a win2k box in my office.  My coworker took over that box, however, no one knows admin password for that box.  So he now can not even change date/time.

The box is under a domain, but he does not have a user account on the box.  Is it why it happens??  

If I could get admin password then create an account for him locally.  This should sovled, right?

Thank you.
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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Yep then it would be solved. Take a look at these to change the local administrator password without knowing the current one:

( list credits go to Crazyone)

This link will download software that creates a Linux Boot floppy that will let you change Passwords.


Using this link you will have to download the Image writer then the boot disk image


Or try This one from Sunbelt


This ones NOT free but Its what I use


Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk


I've used no. 5 lot's of times, it's free!


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mcrmgAuthor Commented:

So is is because there is no loacl account for that user?? (sorry, just want  to be sure   ^_^)

also, I tried NO.5, my password did not get changed.....I use my home machine to test....mine is xp, does not really matter, right?

I did not really type my answers to the boot CD, I alwasy press Enter (since there is a default answer already)......I tried to change admin password with *, but still, I can use the old admin pass to log in (This is the box in my home, not the office one...)

Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
> So is is because there is no loacl account for that user??
Or that user doesn't have enough rights.

I had some problems with changing the administratorpassword with no5 to, I found out that the best solution was to leave the password blank and change it after the first succesfull boot.

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mcrmgAuthor Commented:
1.He does not even have an account locally...

2.I left it blank, and with *, too....does not work.

Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
1. Than probably the only account existing is the administrator (wich you don't have the password from)

2. hmmz, never seen that happen, have you read all of the helpfiles provided on the website?
If the machine is indeed a domain member (which it seems to be since you say that the user doesn't have a local account), then all you need is to log on using a domain administrator account and change the date/time.
There is obviously no need to create a local account if your user has a domain account; it will even be counterproductive.
If you do not have the domain administrator's credentials, then, sorry, I guess you're not supposed to administer the domain or any members, and your question would be against the membership agreement. In comparison, that's rather harmless: Be aware that if you're not authorized to administer the machine or domain, using one of the solutions above can and will get you in deep trouble. Ask your Administrator to help you out instead.
Another word of warning: If this a W2k (or later) domain, do NOT manually change the date/time of your W2k/XP domain members (unless you synchronize it with the DC), or you won't be able to logon to the domain any more; W2k/XP AD domain members automatically synchronize the time with the DC.

Cannot Log On If Time and Date Are Not Synchronized
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
> My coworker took over that box, however, no one knows admin password for that box.
so I assume there is nothing against the MA, correct me if I'm wrong.


mcrmgAuthor Commented:
Hi, oBdA,

I think you misundersood my question.

I am NOT try to hack into people's machine.  The reason I posted this question is because I am the only IT person in the office(but on the programming side), my coworker's box, yes, he is on domain, but he can not do the downloading, can not open a cd, can not change machine date/time.  I need help to reset admin password on the box since no one in the office knows.

Please.....I do not want any trouble at all....I just want to get helped....

Based on the situation you described, I don't seem to have misunderstood your question.
"My coworker took over that box" seems like he replaced someone who used this computer before him. If you continue trying to reconfigure that machine, it's likely someone else will soon take over that box again.
"he can not do the downloading, can not open a cd" looks just like the regular user restrictions/policies imposed by any domain administrator (and/or management) who doesn't want to let the domain go to shreds.
"can not change machine date/time" is normal; regular users on NT based machines aren't allowed to change the time settings, and, as stated above, there usually is absolutely no reason for them to do so.
It comes down to this: If this machine is a domain member, then you have a domain controller someplace (in some main office or wherever), you have someone administering this domain, and *this* person is the one to ask to change your coworker's settings/policies. He will know the domain administrator password, and thus will be able to configure the machine or the policies imposed.
Everything else, especially taking control over a company computer and creating your own accounts, will get you and him in trouble.
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
I do not know much about the network.....I thought sometimes when we try to install the software, then it says "you need admin privilege in order to do so"...then you just log on as admin of that box, then u can do the installion.....

Is it the case here???
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
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