How can I put the values from an xml file ,no keyboard reading is required

I have a programm which reads data from an xml file,I would like to put this data in to another class & would like to creat instances of the classes to access the values which is obtained by xml file.
The program which reads data from xml file is as follows:

CMarkup xml;
 xml.load(out.xml)//out.xml is an xml file from which data is reading
xml.Reset Pos();


csstring csname=xml.GetchildData();//here geting the the name from xml file
cout<<csname<<endl;//for displaying on consol

csstring cstype=xml.GetchildData();//here geting the the type from xml file
cout<<cstype<<endl;//for displaying on consol

csstring sizebytes=xml.GetchildData();//here geting the the sizebyte from xml file
cout<<cssizebyte<<endl;//for displaying on consol



Now I would like to create a class structure which contain the variables like name ,type,length,& would like to put whole the data which I am getting from the above programm without reading from keyboard(means I don't want to display the data on the console in the first programm but want directly putting  the data into this class variables then would like to creat instances of this class for further access.

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syed110Author Commented:
there is no answer till now,seems nobody is interested to reply me.Plz.if someone can give attention towards thi´s question.

The first thing you need to do is create a factory method that constructs new objects based upon the name of the types you encounter in your XML file. Fortunately, due to the runtime binding features of C# this is fairly easy to do.

Examine the
using System.Reflection;
namespace and you will find the functions you need to create a name from type. I haven't done it yet, but I remember reading the APIs and this did seem rather straightforward.

Populating public fields and properties dynamically is also fairly easy to do with the System.Reflection namespace.

If you need a great deal of Dynamic classes in your program, you can go REALLY crazy with the System.Reflection.Emit classes, but you're in way over your head if you start there... It allows you to dynamically create new classes on the fly.

I hope this begins to answer your questions, or at least send you off in the right direction.


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syed110Author Commented:
thanx kelly,let me try....
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