Pocket PC Barcode Scanner API

I have a PocketPC application written in .NET that I want to accept input from a Barcode Scanner. I saw that OpenCFNET has a control but it only works with scanners from Socket. Does anyone know and can direct me to the API so I can write something that will work with all scanners.

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I can't help you directly but I'm shortly going to be heavily involved in this. Can we collaborate?
arcarsonAuthor Commented:

Of course any help I can provide rest assured that I will. Feel free to email me at alfonzo@carsonsoftware.net
Ok sorry for delay - been busy on something else.

The scanners I've used before (on the desktop) cost about £20 and are attached in-between the keyboard and the PC, and simply emulate the keyboard - alowwing input to a standard textbox or whatever. The actual barcodes are made using a freely available font, so if you wanted you can generate them just by typing. I've used this in Access and Word before without any problems. http://www.bizfonts.com/free/ is the first one that popped up in google.

I'm rather hoping to use the same system in my latest project - at the moment I'm fighting with web services but the next step requires actual hardware so will let you know

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I will leave the following recommendation for this question in the Cleanup topic area:

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arcarsonAuthor Commented:

How can I delete this question? No one has directed me to a scanner API and that was what this question was asking for.

So if leaving it open is an option let's do that or please tell me how to delete it.
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