Computer Power Problems

Hi, I recently changed computer cases and I've got everything placed and screwed into the new one and when I plug it into power, the green light on the board comes on and everything is great. However, those small plugs that I guess are to the power/reset button are not plugged in and I have no clue on where to plug them into too. I looked online and nothing is helping.

My Board: Intel® Desktop Board D815EEA2/D815EPEA2

Anyway, I can't turn on the computer without having those plugged in i don't think or can I? Is there a way to turn on the computer without using the power button or how do I connect those small little plugs and where?

Thanks!! This is an emergency so please hurry!! I may increase the points if answered quickly.
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ok you will need this link here.

ok it might help to take of the front of the case so you can see where certain wires are coming from.  Since your wires seemed not to be marked you will have to figure out were the wires come from to figure out where they go.  

Ok first unplug the power supply form the wall or surge protector.  
1. find the power switch on the front of your case.  Determine which wires they are.  There will be two of them.  Now go to page no. 8 in the pdf file in the link above.  View the picture at the bottom of the page.  Study it, know where the J9H3 connector is on your motherboard.  It is stated on the motherboard by J9H3 find it, it is important.  follow the wires from the switch to the end of their plugs.  You should still have two.  There are two plugs that they go onto on the board these plugs are No. 6 and 8.  See the finger that says power, it is those to prongs.  Put one wire on no. 6 and the other on no. 8.  It does not matter which wire goes where b/c one will act as ground and the other as the power.  Ok you now should have the power pluged in.

2. lets plug in the reset.  Find the two wires that come from the reset button on your case.  There will be two wires. Ok these two wires go into prongs no. 5 and 7.  Again it does not matter which one goes to which prong.  These prongs as you see in the picture go with the thing that says reset.  plug those wires in.

3 Now lets plug in the power LED lights.  On the front of you case you should have at least two lights, you might have more.  One of the two lights is green and the other a yellowish color.  You need to find the wires that go with the green light.  The green light is for power.  On the picture you can see that these two wires go with prong no. 2 and 4.  Again plug these into the corrosponding prongs.  It does not matter which one goes with which.

4.  now lets plug in the LED lights for the HD.  You should know the proceedure by now.  Follow it and use the picture.

Does your case have a small speaker?

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TheL00KERAuthor Commented:
Still no power by pushing the button. I plugged everything in exactly how it says too.

Yes, I have a speaker on the case.


The cords say:


Does that help? Thanks.
TheL00KERAuthor Commented:
Also, are the plugs plugging in Horizontally or Vertically... like..

-- (plug: power)
o (pin)

o  oo--oo


oooo-ooo (one end of plug)
o  oo-ooo (other end of plug)

does that help?
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looker they plug in horizontally according to the manual

lets try this. Did you get any extra jumpers with the motherboard or do you have any that you can steal from a HD.  

take the jumper and put it on the prongs for the power switch and it should start and run.  obviously this is not a fix.

Are you sure that your motherboard is not shorting out on the case.  If this was happening there is a chance you would get nothing like you are.  
check to see if you have the power switched, switched with the reset button.
TheL00KERAuthor Commented:
Jumper meaning... ?

How would I know if it's shorting out?.. I don't think it is -- same brand and type of case (just a different color).
well it is hard to tell if it is shorting out.  One way to test would be to take the motherboard out of the case and set it on a desk or something that would not hurt the board or be able to have current going through it.  Have everything still hooked up so it is opperational and she if that works.
basically that is the only way to test.

since you do not know what a jumper is lets not try that just yet.
TheL00KERAuthor Commented:
Current going through it? lol sounds a little too advanced for me.. hmm... It's the exact same case, just a different color so the case should be fine.. There is a switch on the power supply that says: 250 or 115.. should it be on 250 or 115?

Let's try the jumper thing.

I've increased the points by 20.
by current going through it you mean you took it out of case and it worked?

the P/S switch should be on 115.  By NO MEANS switch it.
ok i get what you said now.  Just take you motherboard out of the case and set it on a desk with beside your case so that you can keep all the wires hooked up and the power supply and see if it works.  Don't worry about having any drives hooked up.
TheL00KERAuthor Commented:
The switch is at 115..... No, I didn't take it out of the case.. I took the front off my old case and plugged it into the board and pushed the power button and still no power.

I don't understand what the problem was.. I just talked with where I bought my computer from and they said "the case was specifically ordered for your computer so it should be working if it's getting power and the switches are plugged in correctly."

Do you have an instant messenger we could talk on or something? It might be easier... If you help me get this working (and it works lol), I'll give you a lot of points and possibly pay you (if you accept paypal)...

This is so important as it is my work computer.
TheL00KERAuthor Commented:
Your post didnt' show up when I just put that reply...

Ok, so I take the motherboard out and keep the power supply plugged in the case? How do I test to see if it's working that way?
TheL00KERAuthor Commented:
There is a "green" power light on the motherboard that is on so I assume it's getting power to it -- the switch just isn't turning it on.
also i think you should double check how you have connected your switches.

here i will try to show you how they should be attached
there is a total of 16 prongs they are number 1-16

15 13 11 09 07 05 03 01
16 14 12 10 08 06 04 02

that is the exact way that your board is from left to right.  I know what you are think 01 should be on the left, but it is not.  That is an electrical engineer for you, not trying to offend anyone.

ok so

numbers   08 and 06 you should hook the wires that say power switch.  I am guessing that there is a wiring harness with two holes.

07 and 05 you should have the reset wires plugged into

04 and 06
are for -P and +P

01 and 03 are for HD LED
i have aol
have you taken the MB out of case.  B/c there is a green light means the power supply is not the problem.  You  are either shorting on the case or have the wires wrong.
or your switch is wrong forgot to add that one.
if you take it out and you push the button and your power supply kicks on then it works.  You can also hook up you moniter if you want to do that.
i meant you switch is bad
i think i see that you don't believe how you can short on the case.  Well actually it is easy to do. One lose screw or an extra screw in thing were it is not supposed to be and it would not work.  You might be getting power from power supply but once you short is out by turning it on it won't work.
TheL00KERAuthor Commented:
hmm, I'm going to try all this again and I'll take the front off the case and tighten all screws, etc.. I'm tired now (it's 11:41 pm) so I'll be on tomorrow with a response of whether it worked or not... My Aol screen name is ProgramIt101 so please check tomorrow for me.

Thanks so much!
don't worry about taking the front of the case off.  That was just to make sure that you were plugging the right wires for the right item that was need to be pluggged in.  If taking it out of the case did not work then we can try the jumper idea.  
TheL00KERAuthor Commented:
Ok, let's try the jumper idea.
are you on aol my name is shoff14
TheL00KERAuthor Commented:
Thanks! The P/S was bad.
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