Buying a Router

Ok guys i want to buy a quality Modem/Router with firewall, preferably 4 port.
Any help much appreciated.
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Are you looking for a modem/router combo unit?

Pretty much anything from LinkSys, D-Link, SMC.  Buy the cheapest thing you can find that ha sfour ports and claims to be either a gateway or a router.  They are all swicthes these days, and they all offer similar features and security.
(This assumes you wish to use the device to connect multiple computers to a DSL modem or a cable modem.  None of these things comes with the cable or DSL circuitry built in.)
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Look here too:

For Adsl i can suggest:
Model: Prestige 652 Series has simple firewall and vpn function build-in.

Ive personally used Sonicwall, Linksys, Watchguard, Cisco, Netgear and Microsoft products that fit the bill.  First the good news:   They are all less than $500 and will ALL provide 4 ports and a firewall.

If this is for a simple office or SOHO situation, I would suggest the Microsoft MN-100 (no wireless) or MN-700 (wireless with WPA).  They are $40 and $90 dollars respectively.  They are NOT powerful, but they are secure.  Not alot of options, but enough to get the job done in a simple situation. (Port forwarding, etc)  I use one of these to host email, website and ftp, plus I use it as a DHCP server.

If its for a more complex situation, I would need to know your preferences, GUI vs Non-GUI, and what you want to do with it.  But I swear, Ive used alot, and the Microsoft devices are cheap and easy to setup/use without compromising security.

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I just purchased a D-Link 614+ along with a DWL-520+ wireless PCI card to use in a home network to share internet and files. Out of the box it connected to the internet w/o a hitch. Setting up the network with Win98SE has been a bit difficult. Manuals and website are more geard towards WinXP. Prices have come way down, search internet for the best prices.
BTW, the router I bought was a factory refurb. Cheaper yet and works grate!
I definitely do NOT recommend D-Link. I have replaced more D-Link products at customer sites then any other.

Stick with Linksys or Netgear for ease of use and setup and good cost. Cisco and Microsoft's products are good (Cisco's is great, actually) and SMC is OK too.
That's funny.  I've had more dead ports on LinkSys devices than all others COMBINED.  I like their software better than the most others, though.
Dlinks do an excelent combo range, but be sure to update the firmware as the hardware is normally shipped with early revisions which cause problems. dlink have an excelent telephone support line.

I guess its always a good thing to go to a vendors website and see how easy it is to find a phone number, then see how easy it is to speak to a human.
Yeah, I've been able to reach D-Links techs pretty much 24 hours a day, and they are California people so far, not India call centers.
I also agree about firmware, though I've found similar issues with LinkSys.
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