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Please, when by the time of an application installation the program calls me to fill my name and email to send them for online registration, I usually doubt the program will send *just* my name and email. So I ask you if there is some program (better if freeware) which could tell me (better if previously) all the data that will actualy be sent.

Thank you.

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You have to capture the IP packages that were send and look at the data going out.  Get Ethereal.  


rcesarAuthor Commented:
Sorry for delaying. I tried to install Ethereal but it has not a normal kind of installation, what turned it too difficult for me.

But after much searching I think I have found a shareware, with normal installation, which seems to be similar to Ethereal. It is Ultra Network Sniffer. So, I would be satisfied if you could confirm it really can do what I'm looking for, at  http://www.gjpsoft.com/UltraNetSniffer/
or suggest some other software (ok if shareware) that can do it instead Ethereal.

Thanks and regards
Sorry to hear about your experience with Ethereal.  Ethereal is very well known and probably is the top open source sniffer for both Unix & Windows.  It should have been a normal Windows installation.  You need to install popcap and then Ethereal as the directions stated.

UltraNetSniffer would do what Ethereal do.  You asked for freeware, UltraNetSniffer is not free.  Both will capture outgoing traffic messages for you to look at.  If you are running Sygate firewall, I think it will also capture packets.  My Sygate is not up right now.  I will check it and get back to you.

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rcesarAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Gnart. Having it righ from the firewall would be nice. Being the case, please, tell if I would lose some other significant feature if moving from ZoneAlarm to Sygate.

Waiting for you...
I used ZoneAlarm then I heard about Sygate.  I tried Sygate and like it.  I went back to ZoneAlarm now and then just to compare them.  For now my preference is definitely Sygate.  It will capture and display packets for you.  I wouldn't run packet capture all the time as it definite capture a lot of data.  The packet capture will do what you need w/o using a sniffer.


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rcesarAuthor Commented:
It really works, Gnart.
Thank you very much!
Best regards,
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