Win98SE, can't log on to network

Posted on 2003-10-26
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Last Modified: 2010-03-18
New network using Win98SE on two computers. Cable modem to D-Link 614+ wireless router to a Linksys NIC card. Client 2 is a D-Link 520+ wireless PCI card.
Can ping both computers and access all network drives from wireless client. It also shows main network name and both computers. Network gateway computer tells me the "network is not accessable". Search "Find computer" and it finds it but tells me it is not logged on. I don't receive a network log on promt at boot or when trying to access the network.
Everything looks like it is configures correctly so I know it's got to be something stupid that I'm missing.
Question by:bonz-d
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Hallo  bonz-d

    1. make sure all computers are in the same Workgroup.
    2. Make sure all drives that you want shared are configured to share.
    3. Disable any firewalls temporarily to insure you're not being blocked by a Zonealarm or other firewall.


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ID: 9626668
Please, can you tell me if I've properly interpreted your message?

One Cable modem, conected to a Wireless router
Client#1, WIN98SE, with NIC, conected to the wireless router
Client#2, WIN98SE client, with Wireless card, "conected" by the air to the wireless router

Client#1 can ping Client#2
Client#2 can ping Client#1
Client#2 can access shared drives on Client#1

When you say "Network gateway computer" I assume that you're refering to Client#1, but maybe the D-Link 614+ wireless router already acts as the main network gateway. So if you configured your Client#1 to be a gateway the error can be there.

One more thing, what are the IPs of each Client? and the IP of the D-Link Router? How did you configure default gateway in clients?

And finally, which network protocols are you using? only TCP/IP? TCP/IP and NetBeui? TCP/IP and IPX?

In brief, one working configuration would be:

Cable modem conected to Wireless Router
Client#1 conected with NIC to Wireless Router
Client#2 conected wireless to the Wireless Router
(as your current configuration is actually conected, I think)

Cable modem: public IP (probably you can't know directly which one, but it doesn't matter now)
Wireless Router as seen from the Client#1 and #2: maybe 192.168.x.x
Client#1 default gateway: IP address of the WIRELESS ROUTER
Client#2 default gateway: IP address of the WIRELESS ROUTER

Good luck

Author Comment

ID: 9630826
Hardware and Software are interpreted correctly. Network gateway would be client #1.
Lan IP 192.168.X.X
Wan IP
Wireless shows no IP
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Accepted Solution

Opera362 earned 480 total points
ID: 9634775
Ok bonz-d, I've just downloaded the manual and quick start guide of the Wireless router. Let's check if all it's ok.

* Cable modem conected to the WAN port on the router
* Client#1 conected to one port between 1-4
* Client#1 IP address NOT EQUAL to, since this is (has to be) the IP of the wireless router
* Client#2 IP address not equal to, not equal to Client#1's IP
* Maybe you have DHCP activated at the router, in this case:
    - Client#1 and Client#2 must be setup to "Default Gateway:", "obtain an IP address automatically"

If all this is checked, maybe you should unplug the Client#1 from the router, and try to access Internet with the Client#2. Client#2 MUST be able to access Internet this way via the router.

Why do you want Client#1 to be the Network gateway? The router is designed for that purpose, but maybe you really want Client#1 to be the one who provides Internet Connection (do you?). In this case, Cable modem shouldn't be conected to WAN port, but this is a more complicated scenario. I'll just wait for your response before writing another message.

Good luck!! :-)

Author Comment

ID: 9639360
Thanks for the help so far! I think I have been using the wrong terminology at times so please bear with me.

*I have DHCP set to obtain IP automatically. Have seen client #2 with IP .101 but haven't seen what it is assigning client #1
* Client #2 was able to access internet with #1 turned off.
* Will have to check if #1 is set to Default Gateway.
I think I understand now were this is going and have 2 new leads to check out.

Will have to now take a day or two to continue as I just crashed Client #2 with a corrupt NDISWAN.VXD file. and need to fix this now. Will not boot into normal mode.

Author Comment

ID: 9664895
1st off I extend all my thanks for the help and patience with this problem.
I just got the wireless client back up and running after having to reformat the whole drive and reinstalling everything.
The network is now operational and working.
As it turns out it was not the network configuration or the hardware. It was all correct and in tact. But rather it was or is something in the way I have Windows it's self configured.
I need to log on to windows before it will allow me to access the network.

I will award all points to opera362 for all the help they have provided in this inquiry even though they didn't supply the answer but provided the most help.

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ID: 9672345
Thanks bonz-d, and glad to see that your network finally works ;-)

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