Problems with cleanup after disk full error on overused laptop

Running  Windows 4.1.1998 on Dell Latitude laptop 300XT, Pentium 2, 128 RAM, 6GB single disk split 2/2/2GB.

Use diskcleanup regularly, have tried to transfer as much data and programs to virtual D and E disks, but running with only about 100MB ? 6 MB free on C disk and therefore get continual error messages (mainly while browsing on-line with Temp. Internet files?).

Looking at breakdown of C disk, C:\Windows could be the culprit. Have looked at each folder and Fonts folder has 88MB, Local Settings 25MB, Options 203MB, System has 221MB, System 32 has 9.5MB, Win386.swp has 36MB. I don?t know whether any of these are exceptionally high and whether any can be relocated or dumped.

Any advice on which I can tidy up or transfer to D or E disks? As you can see, my theoretical knowledge is not good!.

Many thanks!

Richard Lyon
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Hallo RichardLyon

Assuming you have enough space on d: or on e: drive. What about use tool such as Partition Magic and repartiton your drive?
You can transfer your swap file to any of the other partitions . Right click on My computer and choose properties. Go to the performance tab and click on virtual memory. On this screen you can change which drive your swapfile is kept on. Also if you have your windows  98 cd you can delete the cab files in c:\windows\options\cabs - this will free  203 meg.

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RichardLyonAuthor Commented:
Hi Luxana
Thanks for this. I had wanted to repartition, but haven't got enough space on existing C partition to run Partition Magic.
Thanks for the idea.
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RichardLyonAuthor Commented:
Many thanks - have done this and now got 300MB free.
Much appreciated.
Richard Lyon
Hallo RichardLyon

You do not need to much space for run partition magic safe disk from dos. In this case you do not have to install it on your drive.

see you
One comment about deleteing the Windows .cab files.  I've found that the cab files are best left on the hard drive.  If you have a configuration issue that can only be resolved in Safe Mode, you'll quickly discover that the problem can be fixed by simply inserting the Win98 CD.  However, in Safe Mode the CD drive is not present and now you're stuck.  For the amount of disk space that the contents of the Win98 source files takes, it is better to dump a game or empty the TEMP file and keep the folder on the hard drive.  Note this is the contents of the Win98 folder, NOT the sub-folders.  Also, don't store them under the Windows directory as this folder is the one that gets damaged the easiest.
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