Looking for simple / low cost machine for email for tech-frightened grandmother

I'm looking for something low-cost and easy to use for my grandmother to be able to send/receive email without high monthly access fee.  She's very techno-phobic, but I'd love to her into email to keep more contact with her great-grandchildren.  Years ago they advertised a simple email machine that cost $10/month for email only and I also tried to look at MSN Companion, but could find very little that's anything like what I'm hoping to find.  I'm hoping someone else might have some ideas for hardware and/or service providers.  Although not a technically difficult question, I've spent way too much time looking for the answer on my own.  I'm upping the point value for that reason alone!!
Thanks much!
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Why cant you open a hotmail or yahoo account for free ..

You may want to access the hotmail account in Outlook express or outlook .

As simple as that . By this you can read your previous emails offline and donot have to go to internet all the time but just to download the emails

What you mean by email machine .... Can you get my point ?

mpurnellAuthor Commented:
The reason I'm avoiding hotmail or yahoo is that it requires the purchase of a computer (something she's not too keen on) and I don't want to get into all that entails.  How to bootup, shutdown, etc.  Years ago they advertised a dedicated piece of hardware that simply connected to its provider and accessed email.  Nothing any more fancy than that.  That's kind of what I'm looking for.  But thanks for the suggestion!
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mpurnellAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sunray that's exactly what I was looking for!!


You can get mailstation directly from Earthlink. On the Earthlink site, just click on the mailstation link.
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