TStringGrid.Clear (deletes all cells in a stringgrid)

I need a method ("Clear") that clears all cells of a string grid and then deletes them.

So stringgrid.Clear finally DELETES ALL CELLS (ROWS/COLS..whatever you like) of the stringgrid.

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just set the rowcount- and colcount-properties to 0 (zero)

meikl ;-)
Catalin80Author Commented:
Already tryed that. Doesn't work. (delphi6)
Catalin80Author Commented:
There is still 1 cell left.
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Do you meant the content only?

procedure ClearStringGrid(Grid: TStringGrid);
  I: Integer;
  J: Integer;
  for I := 0 to Grid.ColCount-1 do
    for J := 0 to Grid.RowCount-1 do
      Grid.Cells[I,J] := '';
Catalin80Author Commented:
The content AND the CELLS. I need one tstringgrid WITH NO CELLS. If that isn't possible then I just can hide the entire table.
there allways one cell!
you can't get rid of it
Catalin80Author Commented:
Ok. but what was that about "colcont=0;rowcount=0" ?
>but what was that about "colcont=0;rowcount=0" ?
that deletes the whole content from the grid,
that one cell left is a default painting bahaviour, if the grid is empty
-> maybe this could be adjusted by using ownerdraw

meikl ;-)
if the grid is empty, just make it invisible. Then you'll have no cell at all.

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try setting the stringgrids visible property to false when u want to get rid of them all
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