Using Runtime.exec() to call a Java class with arguments

I need to independantly run a Java class (with arguments) from a current running Java class using Runtime.exec().
I can use the Runtime.exec() with 100% success when calling .exe programs (e.g. Runtime.exec("start rmiregistry.exe")) but when wanting to start another java program with arguments (e.g. Runtime.exec("java ProductClient")) or even without arguments (e.g. Runtime.exec("start java ProductServer")), it will not work.
I am also unsure on how to call another class from a different directory than the working one? e.g. using something along the lines of Runtime.exec("c:\rmi\start java ProductServer") when the java program calling that was run from c:\rmi\client)
Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated!!
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you could try writing a batch file (or shell script) that sets up everything (arguments, directories) and then call that
batch file in runtime exec.

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Runtime.exec("<full path to>java ProductServer");    MUST work!
You might also expand PATH with the path to all JAVA binaries, like javaw, javadoc ...
John_Nash442Author Commented:
When using the line

Runtime.exec("c:\\rmi\\client\\server\\start java ProductServer");

It will compile but when running it i get the error message,

Error: CreateProcess: c:\rmi\client\server\start java ProductServer error=2

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Type that same command in an MSDOS-box, see what happens.
(single \'s of course)

Did you try something like (valid on my computer):
E:\J2SDK1.4.2\BINjavaw -jar E:\j2sdk1.4.2\demo\jfc\SwingSet2\SwingSet2.jar
(depends on where your JDK is installed)
It runs a SWING-demo; if you can start that from an MSDOS-box,
try to Runtime.exec() it,
then apply your own program class name.
(step by step)
I think that your original command could work like:

Runtime.exec("c:/rmi/client/server/start   E:/J2SDK1.4.2/BIN/javaw   ProductServer");

(there was a missing \\ before BIN, then again: do not use \\ in your JAVA program:
   JAVA understands / very well.)
John_Nash442Author Commented:
sciuriware, i've tried your suggestions but i still get the same error (the one I wrote up before).

When I write a batch file (something I don't have much experience in but I thought was pretty straight forward) it doesn't seem to recognise anything after the fisrt word, i.e. writing "c:\rmi\start java ProductServer" returns an error saying could not find "c:\rmi\start".
try "start java c:\rmi\ProductServer" from the command line
John_Nash442Author Commented:
Okay sorry, I got my batch file running at the command line but Runtime.exec gives the same IOException error as I wrote up before.
please post the error that it gives now. (the details or stack trace)
John_Nash442Author Commented:
Thanks for your help guys.

The Batch file was what I needed, just didn't know how to run one using runtime.exec().

For reference to anyone else looking at this:

( calling java classes in java using runtime.exec )

create a Batch file (just open up notepad, type in the lines and save it as a '.bat') with all your commands in them, mine looked like this:

start rmiregistry
start java ProductServer
start java ProductClient

For some reason I needed to have start in front of my java when trying to call another class. Don't know why but it works like this and makes no difference (to my purposes anyway).

Then I ran the batch file in my java program by using this code:

String[] cmd {"cmd", "/c", "nameOfBatFile.bat"};
Runtime rt = getRuntime();
Process p = rt.exec(cmd);

And it has called my Batch file.

This is all testing data for my real program so there may be some unforseen problems when implementing it. I'll post if i find anything. Hopefully this helps some people out because I found it hard to find straight forward information on this on the net.

Why did you first try : c:/rmi/client/server/start
and later                   c:\rmi\start

then:  MSDOS wants to see \ \ \ \
JAVA does not care if you use ///// or \\\\\\
but do not type //// to MSDOS.

And: did you verify that the files you are using do really exist on that place?

My program would be like this:

   String path = "<path to a program>";
   File f = new File(path);
      Runtime.exec(path + " <arguments>");
      System.err.println("The file \"" + path + "\" does not exist.");

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