How to get separate taskbar buttons using adobe acrobat 6 or 5 when >1 file is open?

I can't stand the way that when I'm viewing studies in adobe acrobat I can't get separate taskbar buttons for them, they always open inside acrobate and the only way to change between them is by going "alt-windows-1" or "alt-windows-2" etc.  Very lame, there is no option that I found within adobe to change this, even in acrobat 6.  Is there a way to add something to the file-options properties in windows to get files to open in separate taskbar buttons?  Thanks for much for any help you can give, this is driving me nuts, Microsoft at least learn back after Office 97 that most people like having separate buttons on the taskbar, why didn't adobe get there act together and at least add the option somewhere!?!?
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you mean you want pdf file to open in 2 separate acrobat reader or what ?


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I think this should work

go to my computer
go to tools
go to folder options
go to file types
scroll down to doc file or any file you want to open this way

click on advance

and disable

a) confirm open after download
b) Browse in same window

jetpeachAuthor Commented:
Yes, Sunray, I would like files to open in "2 separate acrobat reader", meaning that they show separate buttons on the taskbar to click on for minimizing and maximizing the files.

As for trying to fix it as you suggested, confirm open after download was not checked in the box, and "browse in same window" is unfortunately greyed out.  The box is not checked but I think adobe has disabled this option for windows or something.  Any other ideas?  Thanks so much,
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ok my suggestion is not related to your problem

why that suggestion was if you have a pdf file as a link in an html file , instead of opening in IE , my suggestion would help you open the file in acrobat reader

your problem is you want multiple copies of the same application to be opened

See there is an option for unix so there should be one for windows

Scroll down to check that for unix .....

I am giving you a clue

jetpeachAuthor Commented:
hmm, interesting information.  yes, definitely looks like the option is there for unix, too bad i'm using windows...
Regarding the multiple instances, I guess I was hoping that an option or plugin for adobe that allowed for multiple taskbar icons might not actually have to load the program into ram twice and actually run twice, but the GUI could simply be changed to use an extra taskbar button, much like all the MS Offices since 97 do (and even 97 had an option for "use separate taskbar buttons" it only defaulted to keeping all the files in within one button.)  it seems like something that would be so simple to implement, it's just GUI stuff, no need to actually load another instance of the program, just request a second taskbar button from the operating system, I can't believe they didn't enable it in Acrobat 6.
thanks again, still hoping there might be someway for this to work, possilbly by adding something like a "%1" or some command under the file-options-open command for PDFs or by using DDE whatever that is or maybe a plugin for acrobat or something that I don't know very much about but maybe you do...
jetpeachAuthor Commented:
hmm, i guess nobody knows how to do this in windows???  upping points!
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