The Best Web-Designing Tools

I am new to this designing tasks. All the while I am the web-developer and no ideas on the designning stuffs.

now I am in the new workign enviornment and I need to pickup soem designing tools.
Please help me to suggest some useful tools in terms of

1. Ease of usage
2. Stable
3. Cost effective,....

And the most impoetant is the Ease of usage...

Than ky ou.
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Just the standards. Photoshop, ImageReady, Dreamweaver. If you want to get fancier, add Flash. You can cut corners and get 3rd rate stuff but it's usually not worth the hassle.
Although I agree with weed, my cheap tools include Evrsoft's 1st Page and PaintShop Pro.
taipingAuthor Commented:
KenAdney, can share with me what is the Evrsoft's 1st Page? And is it PaintShop Pro can help develop html page?

Weed, Do yo agree that DreamWeaver is the best among photoshop, and imageReady...
Introduction to Web Design

Develop a strong foundation and understanding of web design by learning HTML, CSS, and additional tools to help you develop your own website.

Yes, dreamweaver is certainly better than CyberStudio or FrontPage (cant believe i even bothered to mention frontpage).
My suggestion would be to buy a Macromedia studio package that has dreamweaver and fireworks.  Both of these software packages are fairly easy to use and easy to learn.

When you use the word really needs to broken down

Design (interface look) would be something you do in frieworks.

Development (actual coding) and site maintenance is something you do in dreaweaver.

You can pretty mush do anything in fireworks as far web design goes and the nice similarities between the macromedia interfaces is really pleasant.  With these two tools you can design and manage your website with ease.  If you are looking for cheap I would suggest buying the fireworks and dreamweaver 4.0 legal commercial versions off of an auction site like ebay.    

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My picks for cheap and easy but high quality:

Web design:  Homesite
Graphics:  Photoshop Elements

You have to know some html to use homesite, but its something you should know if your a web designer anyway.  Dont go with Frontpage, as the others have mentioned.  Photoshop elements is a cheaper scaled down version of Adobe Photoshop, but perfectly adequate for web graphics design.

for webpage designing "dreamweaver" is very good tool and
for normal image development like small effects you can go for "fireworks" as
photoshop will be more complycated for you. firework has those small ready made
effects which you can use on text and images.

I think we've covered that rugu.
yes that is right , i was just showing some of the simple benifits.

i would pick Flash for its very good animation and interaction ability.

and a additional 2D program. I am using photoshop and painter,
but there are others like paint shop pro. I think nowaday, most 2D
programs are pretty powerful. Photoshop is somewhat a standard,
so it is definitely no bad idea to pick it as a first choice.
taipingAuthor Commented:
Knightley, any recommandation web-sites for me to learn Flash? Free ebook can be download or not?

or anyone here can suggest me any URL that can provide Tutorial or e-learning type of service??
I go with WordPad and Photoshop..
taipingAuthor Commented:
any proven URL from anyone of you??
The tutorials that come with flash should get you started with it. Microsoft Gif Animator I might also suggest in addition to CuteHTML
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