how can i copy a DVD including the menus?

i have a pioneer DVD burner... and i am trying to make a backup copy of my movies... but i have found tht i am unable to copy the DVD menu portion of my originals.

I am trying to copy my The Sopranos DVDs and without hte menu i have no way of getting from one chapter to the other other than searching manually.

I am currenlty using 321 studio's DVD copy Xpress

anyone know how to get the menu's in there too or what program does that?

thanx in advanced
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Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
CloneDVD is a software to backup your existing DVD collection to DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW.

CloneDVD can make DVD to DVD copy come true. With a DVD burner, you will get true DVD copies of your DVD collection.
It is the same with the DVD movie you bought.
Key Features
- Real DVD clone - CloneDVD can make DVD to DVD copy come true. With DVD burner, you will get true DVD copies of your DVD collection. It is the same with the DVD movie you bought.
- Make perfect-quality backup copies of all your DVD movies
- Copy all the Special Features, Menus, Subtitles & Languages, nothing to lost
- Supports Copy-Protected DVDs
- Perfect Video & Audio Quality - Just like the original!
- High speed and quality. Copy your dvd movie in a very short time.
- Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies
- Free 14-Day Trial
- Simple way to use. Without any complicated parameter settings, just two steps, your favourite DVD has been cloned.

There are some free tools also, but I consider this one as being the best on the WEB.

Hope this helps

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Also depends if you want all that rubbish you get on disks these menus and 'extras', the FBI warnings etc.   Doom9 will lead you to ripping tools like DVD Dycrypter and compression tools like DVD2ONE.  Dycrypter lets you copy just the main movie (if thats what you really want). DVD2ONE compresses it down to fit onto a single recordable.  Use CopytoDVD with DVD2ONE or NERO to burn it back to DVD.
Forgot to say.   Once you know what you're doing and if you got a reasonable PC the whole process (ripping to burning) generally takes about 1 hour even if youre doing the whole disk (inc menus etc) or just the main movie. The main thing to remember is that the more you keep in your copy(alternate endings, subtitles,sound tracks etc etc)  the lower the quality is likely to be - it all has to fit back onto a single layer DVD.
dxpertjrAuthor Commented:
ok so i see the problem is that the original DVD is bigger than the capacity of the writable DVD...

so i have to use a ripper to get it all on my comp, then i have to separate out what i want in the new one and then burn it?

with clone dvd will it compress it to fit the DVD-R causing loss of quality?
Selectively ripping and rebuilding the content gets complicated depending on how far you want to take it. I keep it simple -  either I'll do the whole disk (depends how much is on it) or I'll just take the main movie generally (I'm not intereseted in the extra stuff).  Doing the whole disk with DVD2ONE you dont get the opportunity to select/deselect content.. thats only in Main Movie mode.

Loss of quality depends on how much smaller its got to go.  If the whole disk is only a gig or so bigger then you'll probably not notice any change. If the disk is at the limit of around 9GB then its fair to say you will notice some loss in quality.  Cant say what clone DVD is gonna do - never used it !  Just try it and see.... use an RW (if you can) in case things dont turn out as you want - that way you'll not waste disks.  Its the same old story... you just gotta try it and see... learn from your mistakes..,. its the best way!

Try DOOM9 for more reference there are some super expertes out there that you can learn alot more from....

You could always wait 'till dual-layer writers come out... hehehe...
dxpertjrAuthor Commented:
dual layer*drools* hehe

the only reason that i care about the menus is for DVDs like the sopranos which have many chapters inside to choose form and i deff dont want to have to do scene skip through all the first3 chapters to get to the last one...

is there a way that i can make my own menu? and link to the chapters?

im gonna buy a RW and start experiemting like you said... i dont care about the special features or any of that, all i want is the main movie and the main menu... so i shouldnt ahve to reduce it, so i sohuldnt see any loss in quality i think
Thats somethin Ive considered but youll need some DVD Authoring Tool that'll let you import vobs and then build the menu and stuff.  I decided to give up on that front... gettin to extreme for my purposes...(depends how much of you own time you wonna spend)... got loads of home video to edit from my camcorder - let alone working on DVD copies..  
Version 1.3 of DVD2ONE lets you join movies together and place them into different title sets (chapters still preserved).  Ive done it with some short films for the kids - joined Stuart Little 1 & 2 onto a disk and done it with loads of Disneys. The first film plays and then runs into the next or you can just jump to the second (title 2)  using the remote.  Maybe that would suit you?   You could rip the vobs  that contain what you want then join them together  - you wouldnt have a menu though.
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
dxpertjr .... have you read my post?
dxpertjrAuthor Commented:
yea i did read ur post krono... but i tried cloneDVD with the sopranos... and it doesnt support that kinda disk, so i was see'ing if there is another way...

im gonna give dvd2one a try once i purchase a RW disk
You dont have to buy an RW to use DVD2ONE.  The RW will come in handy when you want to see the results actually on your DVD player.   The output from DVD2ONE will go to your HD.  If you have a S/W dvd player on your PC then youll be able to watch it and see if it turned out the way you want before you burn it.
Use DvdXCopy Xpress .. With the latest version you can either get the dvd without the menus or with.  Just by simply clicking a checkbox on the gui.  
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