Citrix connectivity problem

I trying to connect citrix server which is out of my network through internet.I have 64 kbps lease line and computer from which I am trying to join is proxy client and ICA client is installed on it. Other thing firewall is installed on proxy server.I have opened TCP port 1494 .While connecting to the citrix server it gives error message " Can not connect to the Citrix meta frame server . There is no route to the specified subnet address."
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Rob StoneCommented:
Can you ping the server from the client?
dnitinAuthor Commented:
I can ping server from client
Rob StoneCommented:
I have a similar problem here where I connect to the LAN and then try to initiate the ICA connection and it says it cannot connect.  It also kills any other LAN apps (ie, email, etc) even though my IP Address is still OK.

If I keep trying eventually it works.

You could try adding the server IP address to the HOSTS file to see if that helps.

Sorry, I don't really know what else you can try.
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To tell if you have true connectivity...

Assume is the Citrix Server.  Goto the command prompt.  Telnet into the Citrix Server by typing...

telnet 1494  (be sure to put the space) hit enter a couple of times..

If you get the letters ICA with characters behind it, you have the port opened correctly.  If you get nothing, you do not.


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dnitinAuthor Commented:
Hello Wallew
I did as per your instructions it gave me error message "Could not open a connection to host on port 1494
: Connect failed "

  I have opened port 1494 ,what could be the likely probleme.
beside opening 1494 for outgoing traffic, you need to allow high port (i think above 1023) for incoming traffic.
client will connect to port 1494 on the server, and the server will connect back any range of high ports.

although it posed a secuirity issue here, you can always allow the traffic to the server ip address instead of "any".

another alternative is to use NFUSE which uses http :)
like to add a little more... maybe you will like to check your static route  too ;)
If you get no connectivity trying to telnet, the port is not open.  It is a firewall or proxy issue.  Could be an issue with NAT and ICA over the proxy.  What kind of firewall and proxy are you using?

Ditto on Patrick24.  More than likely you will need a static route to the Citrix server for the client.
dnitinAuthor Commented:
Hello  Wallew
 I am using ISA 2000 firewall .
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