one more less thing..........

Is there a reliable, free download, that won't hurt your system type of fix, to "stop the pop-ups"?


"Most appreciative", chesgems
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I have used a lot of pop-up stoppers, the most excellent one to date is Goggle toolbar, not only do you get pop-up stopping you get a great integrated search function in your browser, and more.

It's easy to use and configure and it wont annoy you in any way.

You will find it here 

Just make sure you dont use the extended version, if you do google will keep track of your surfing habbits (track's it by IP number).

You will get a choice to install both extended and normal version.
Pigster2003Commented: does the job for me.
I use the google toolbar, and it stops about 98% of the popups for me. I'm pretty pleased with it myself.
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my vote also goes to google...
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
You can also try Avant Browser, it's not really a browser, it's an overlay for IE, it also has a popup stopper, but can do much more =>

shoot the messenger:

disabling messenger/scanning for spyware/pop-up blocker  should do the trick

If you want to change browser, you can try out Mozilla Firebird (currently version 0.7) I have been using it for awhile now and it's a fresh breeze when your used to IE, and of course it comes with built in pop-up stopper and integrated search... and much more.

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