Windows Explorer locks-up when I open "My Network Places" for the second time

Hi all,
yesterday I decided to reinstall my PC from scratch. I installed Windows XP Pro with SP 1a, latest version of drivers and every critical/windows update.
Everything worked flawlessly except for one thing. After every login I can open "My Network Places" just for one time.
The first time I open it I can see my Residential Gateway Device (UPnP) and every shared folder on the other PCs, but when I try to doubleclick on "My Network Places" icon again, cursor changes to "Working in Background" (arrow + hourglass) for a while and nothing happens.
Then , when I log off, Windows says that an instance of explorer.exe is not responding and I've to terminate it.

BTW: I made the same installation 3 times (from scratch every time... it took the whole day...) but I always had the same behaviour.

Any idea?

Thanx in advance.
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Let's try turning off a few services:
Disable and stop Indexing Service
Disable and Stop Web Client Service
Disable and Stop DNSClient service

Let's also look at the event viewer just incase there was a problem reported. Please post the folloing information you find for Explorer crashing:

Event ID:


More Information:
Windows Explorer Has Encountered a Problem and Needs to Close" Error Message When You Try to Open My Network Places;en-us;811266&Product=winxp

You May Be Unable to Browse the Network;en-us;294756&Product=winxp 
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mme_Author Commented:
Gemarti, thank you for your answers.

I tried to stop the services, but it didn't solve the problem.
Event viewer does not contain any particular event. Windows Explorer does not crash: it simply stop responding and I've to kill it.
I don't have a Canon printer (KB 811266) nor Kaspersky antivirus (KB 294756).
Okay. Frequently when your machine is part of a network it takes time to gather information that you've requested. In this case you are clicking on objects "My Network Places" and then you are waiting for information on those objects to be displayed. How long have you waited before shutting down your machine?

If the event viewer isn't reporting any Explorer errors then the "Not Responding" message is probably because Explorer hasn't completed the task is was instructed to do.

A slow network can cause this "Not Responding" behavior. Try giving it more time if your killing it off after a couple of minutes.
Have you tried running check disk and defragment?

chkdsk c: /f

Do you see any browser master related error messages in the event log?

Some links to read up on this...

In your Network Properties Panel do you have the QOS Service installed? If you do uninstall it.
mme_Author Commented:
Guys, thank you all for your answers.
Unfortunately all the suggestions didn't solve my problem.
When I say "My Network Places cannot be open a secont time" I mean that it will never open until next logoff/logon (during a test I waited for 2 hours before logging off).
But, I've some news: I disabled UPnP and now I can open and close "My Network Places" folder without any problem (but, obviously, I cannot see my UPnP router).
So now my question is slightly different: what is wrong with UPnP support?
Glad you solved your problem.

I suggest that you post a zero point question in the Community Support Section of this site with a link back to this thread and request that it either be PAQ'd or deleted. You can get a refund for your points.
Question closed and points refunded.

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