Upgrading laptop to Win95 with only 1 slot for floppy or CDROM drive

Hi I have a NEC laptop running windows for workgroups, which I would like to upgrade to win95. But the laptop only has a slot for either the floppy or the CDROM drive - not both at the same time. I also have a win95 CD from a deceased desktop and I made a bootdisk. The bootdisk works but of course cannot find the operating system -duh!

I would really appreciate advice how to get around this one. I read some other threads here but quickly got out of my depth. thx
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sometimes this can be a pain >:)    if you could list the model of the laptop and any info concerning the cddrive it would be helpful
there are several ways to do this     best way is find the correct driver for the cddrive and make a bootdisk that will load your pcmcia cddrive  however there are other ways....   you can before getting rid of win3.1  hook up your cddrive with the 95 cd inserted   then copy the contents of the windows folder off the cd to your harddrive (make a new folder and name it win95 then copy contents to this folder ) (this is all thats needed as it has all the win95 cab files and is only approx 72 meg in size )   after copying this folder  you boot to dos ..then cd into this folder  ( C:\cd win95 )  then type setup         this isn't the perfered method but will work as its not what I would call a clean install....you could before  setting up 95  rename your windows folder to lets say windows.xx   that way 95 would create a new windows folder  (C:\ren windows windows.xx )   then after setup  delete the old windows.xx folder     ofcourse all the above is assumeing your not useing an upgrade version 95
list any and all info on your laptop and we will go from there

finphilAuthor Commented:
Thanks James. Laptop is NEC Versa 4080H with 16mg RAM, 1gb hard drive and Pentium 120. The Cd drive came with it and its an iNEC 4x which fits into a front bay. It was running 3.11 and you are right win95 CD is not the upgrade version.

I copied the CD across ok and renamed the windows folder. On running setup, I got an error message saying that setup needs xxx space. So I tried again, this time it got further but stopped saying a previous operating system is installed.
thanks Phil
ok Phil   on the computer your useing now  go to windows/command folder and see if there is a file named deltree (should be there if useing any version of win9x )  place this command file on your bootdisk  and at the A:\prompt type    A:\deltree C:\windows.xx    (the old windows folder )  this file may also aready be on your laptop somewhere in C    maybe in a folder named dos      just bootup to A: then switch to C:\  then cd into the dos folder do a dir command and see   ( C:\cd dos    then  C:\dos>deltree windows.xx
this should get rid of those two errors       main thing is makeing a little room on this small drive  by deleteing unnecessory data     if no success with the deltree command then try the del command (  C:\del xx   ) you can delete anything in C at this point other than the win95 folder  and ofcourse anything you may be trying to save       ordinaraly one would simply format the C before installing a new OS but without the cddrive this isn't an option

one other thing    if you cant deltree the window.xx folder  then you need to rename the win.com in this folder    cd into this folder and    (  C:\windows.xx > ren win.com win.xx   this will at least get rid of the error  previous operating system


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finphilAuthor Commented:
James thank you am up and running now. Much appreciated.
your very welcome
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