monitor doesnt come on. :(

please help me!!! a while ago, when i turned my machine on, the monitor would occasionally not turn on. but then i left it for a couple of hours and on it would come. it was pretty temperamental, but mostly after a couple of goes it would come on. anyway, i went on holiday for 3 weeks and now it just never comes on. it sounds like the pc just doesnt get to the stage where the monitor comes on (if you know what i mean?).
the monitor has power going to it and is new and there is nothing wrong with it. i have an nvidia graphics card, but tried connecting the monitor to the original card and also another nvidia to no avail.
i have a packard bell pentium 4, 1.6GHz pc with xp home.
i know i will probably have to add more info, but would really appreciate all input.
thanks very much.
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To be real honest with you, it sounds like a bad monitor. You could probably try to get it fixed, but it might be worth it just to go out an buy a new one with a waranty on it. Check, they always have decent prices.
are u sure that the only monitor has gone south???
is your pc working...can you see hdd light blinking as usual and keyboard responding to numlock or caps toggle?
do you hear system beep(s)??

no display symptom can also be caused by computer not booting up
jt6572Author Commented:
hi guys,
thanks very much for the input.

"no display symptom can also be caused by computer not booting up" -
i am quite sure this is the case, kiranghag. i am sure the monitor is fine (it is quite new. darkhound, i have another monitor at home i can try) and it really sounds like the pc is not booting up (eg; not sounding like it is getting to that point of boot up). the light on the monitor comes on, but then goes back into hibernation after receiving no input.
would love it if it was just the monitor, as i would just send it back and use my other one in the meantime...
any other suggestions?
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jt6572Author Commented:
forgot to mention, no beeps and my keyboard has no LEDs....
I am believing that it's a bad monitor if it started out doing it occasionally and ended up biting the dust. Do you get an orange light on your monitor... or no light at all. If you get no light it could be the power cord that connects the monitor to an outlet Do you have a friend with a cheap monitor you can test it with? Check your pins on the monitor as well, could be missing pins or maybe they could be very dirty. I am doubting it's the video card because when you first boot your computer your video card has ROM on it that contains the very very basic VGA drivers, your real drivers don't load until windows does, so it's not a corrupted driver... I guess your VC could have gone bad, but not quite as likely IMO.
then i suspect the problem in pc..
check these basic signs of life and let me know..
1. smps fan spinning on boot
2. cpu fan spinning on boot
3. hdd making a tiny takeoff noise
4. speaker is actually present inside the cpu to beep

after this you will need to do a strip-debug...more on that later...
jt6572Author Commented:
hey poeticaudio,
just spoke to my mate who had tried to boot it up at his place, and he had the same problem, so i think this rules out the monitor.

dont know if the power supply fan is going, but will look. the cpu fan does spin, and i have cleared it before to help the machine be quieter previously, but it has now started to make a noise, whether this is related or not? probably not....
the hdd leds come on in the usual fashion, however, the red one doesnt flicker...the little FLICKER. (he he....) but it is the distinct little 'takeoff sound' that is missing.
to be honest, i dont know that i have ever actually seen a speaker in there. never heard it either!
what should i do when i get home tonight? check the power supply fan. what if it is working?
strip-debug scares me....

It sounds very much like your psu is failing to fire up the pc.
If you can try another psu it might help.
If you don't have another one try removing the power leads from the CD & any other devices except the primary HDD to reduce the load on the psu

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jt6572Author Commented:
thanks philby11. looks like we are on the right track now....

i checked the fan on the psu and it was not going. i pulled it out and took the grate off and cleared what little dust there was there and then the fan worked, which was cool, but then it still didnt gain enough power for takeoff....
so i assume this means it is a faulty psu? and that by buying a new one all will be solved?
get at least a 350 watt PSU
some Packard bells come with customized PSU so check the sizes of whatever you are going to buy.
jt6572Author Commented:
alright! unplugged the cd/dvd rom and the floppy and it did the trick.
unfortunately, my pc froze and i tried rebooting to no avail. but you get that....

have a mates spare psu so will put that in tonight; im sure that will work and see me through to when i get a new one.

but just to be sure, i hope you dont mind me holding off til i have made sure everything is okay tonight (Greenwich Mean Time) before awarding the points. its just that, although i am 99% sure it will be cool, i have no more points left after this and dont want to be stranded should the 1% rear its ugly little head!

thanks guys....
yeh, this should work...i'll be in deep early morning sleep by the time u try this (i am 5:30hrs ahead to gmt)

yesterday my net was daammmnnn slow to respond. but i think your problem will be solved...

do let us know.
good luck with it
jt6572Author Commented:
great news guys! im getting a new pc!!!

...the bad news is i blew mine up last night: connecting the psu at the wrong voltage. ah well, i made alot of mistakes along the way and xp was very messy anyway. was my first pc and bad mistakes....i made a few. (one for queen fans there).

anway, thanks very much for your help. i really appreciate it.

good luck and keep up the good work.

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