how can i pass variable on a link ?

i have one links, from that user can access one of secure page...
but i want to check first, if user is already logged in, then only he can access page otherwise, he directly go to login.php from that links.
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Then you should use sessions instead of variables on a link.

See for a session tutorial

or for an authentication tutorial with cookies... as you wish !
<a href="file.php?var1=data1&var2=data2&var3=data3">link stuff</a>

data retrieval:

You can add as many as you like, just keep adding a & sign in the link with 'variable name' = 'data'.

To retrieve it, you just use the $_GET environmental variable.

You can then work with those variables however you like... compare them against a database or something hard coded into the PHP file to authenticate.

hope that helps,
Hi kohashi,

 I think we can't pass with URL more than 256K of data..
' don't say as many as he wants'..

 The above one works fine..

with regards
I dont know about you but, its pretty hard to make a url with 256k worth of data, by hard i mean, you would never end up storing that much in an address bar.

But i think sessions is a better idea if you are worried about security.
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