Creating an error message if string entered instead of integer

What I am trying to achieve is a simple error message to print on the screen if the user types a string instead of an integer something along the lines of ('Please type an integer!') however this isn't as simple as i first thought.  Here is what I have so far: -

program Task_8;


  Writeln('Please enter the first number: ');
    if ((thisord<48) or (thisord>57)) then begin
    end; //end if
    if (oksofar = false) then begin
    writeln('Please enter an integer!');
  end else begin
        Write('Please enter the first number: ');
        write('Please enter the second number: ');
        write('Please enter the second number: ');
        if (y < x) then  begin
              total:= x * y;
              writeln('x times y = ',total);
      end else begin
              total:= x - y;
              writeln('x minus y = ',total);

Any help would be much appreciated
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Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
Oh. brother... What's wrong with the Val function???

  X, Code: Integer;
  Val(S, X, Code);
  if (Code=0) then begin
    // X is a valid number
  else begin
    // Code contains the index of the invalid character so something like:
    WriteLn('':Code-1, '^ Invalid character');
    // Should do the trick.

Please don't re-invent the wheel again. We already have too many of them already. (And the Val function exists almost as long as the Pascal language itself...)
Jenko_2003Author Commented:
Thankyou for your help, the reason I havn't used the val function is because im newly studying the language and we have not covered val function yet but we have covered the ord function.
this looks very much like homework, so we're not allowed to solve for you, but we can give you some orientation. I can guide you a little bit. But you must do the heavy work. =)

In the first place, you must pick one of the two different ways of treating the input that I can see in your code:

Option 1: get a string and process the characters one by one with stuff like s[i] and the like. (In your code, you do this BEFORE assigning any value to s. That won't work.)

Option 2: get one char at a time with multiple readln() invocations. You've also got a draft of this in your code but it still needs some work.

Both options are good (for a beginer's homework) but in a professional programme, option 2 is completely unacceptable.

Once you've decided that, it's simple:

1) get the input
2) check for non numbers in the input (or make sure all the chars in the input are numbers, whichever way you like it).
3) unless input is OK, go back to one (note that this will mean that the begining of a loop is before the code that represents 1: a "repeat" or some initialisation and a "while")
4) by the time you get here, you've got an input that's OK: now you can do the "ord" thing (beginers only) or read the help for "val", as Workshop_Alex suggests.

Now try to get that into Pascal, and if you find problems doing it, ask again (with the new code, which will look *very* different. =)



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Oops! One more detail:

You print the error message on step 3), only if the input is not OK and right before moving back to 1)

Jenko_2003Author Commented:
Thankyou Jack, it isn't homework, it's work which we can do which will help us learn more Pascal, I actually appreciate you telling me how to do it rather than just pasting the code, because as i said it isn't being marked it's just to help me.  So thankyou very much for taking the time out to explain things as it helps a great deal.
No problem, Jenko.

As I said: just try to code it, and if you get stuck at any point, come back here for more help. =)

How did it go???

Could you make it work??

Still stuck??
Jenko_2003Author Commented:
My bad, yeah I perserveered (sp?) and I got there in the end.  Im not at home at the minute so I can't paste my final code.  I decided to use the val function in the end as the ord function was lots more code than the val function.  Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.  How can I accept two comments?
You've got to split points.
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