cannot see my app using IP address but can see it using localhost

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What is wrong with the above URL? why cant i see the site? i can see it doing this

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what error msg. are you getting?



The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

It is a 192 address so it looks like it is on a LAN. In that case it is  your browser that is set the wrong way. It is looking OUTSIDE your Local Area Network fot the location of and cannot find it.

This sounds like you have an intranet. Go into your browser - if IE go to tools -  internet options - connections - lan settings and then bypass proxy server for local addresses. It depends upon the IE version you have but essentially you have to tell it to look on the LAN not the internet.
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If you are using the Developer Edition of ColdFusion, you are restricted to only "seeing" your CF server from one IP address.

You can find out what IP address that is by going to your CF Administrator and going to Debugging IP Addresses.  There you can manage the list of IP addresses that are allowed to connect to your CF server.


i have professional..i added my ip and that did not solve the problem. i also am on a LAN and did change to byprass the proxy...that did not work either!

i know we have not solved me seeing it, but i also want to solve how can i make it so people outside my intranet can see it?
You would have to have your firewall administrator forward port 8500 to your private IP address.  



To have people outside seeing it, you will need another network card in your computer unless to get the network administrator to set up a mapping.

 Outside can only see the machine with the proxy server on it.  So the person who looks after that machine would need to make some config changes.

To see it inside - I am sure  it is your browser problem. But depending upon WHICH browser inc version, I can't help you to configure it to  work completely. Howvever it should see the site if you configure to ignore the proxy for internal addresses. Try turning the proxy off to check this.


what if i use my home computer ..i am using cable modem from starpower. can people see my app from outside my computer  ... also it is not a static ip. does that mean it changes every day, or does that mean i cannot let people see period?
You can get a service that will allow you to do this from home. See

You register there and even if you do not have a static IP - yes it'll change every day, this service checks your PC and assigns a permanent IP address. You can even get your own domain name. Check it out. I have used it and was quite happy with it. It  is free if you don't opt for the extras.

What is your web server software?  Apache, IIS?
It may be a Virtual Host problem.

And remember that LocalHost resolves to a different IP address to the one you gave (it resolves to and so you could be talking about different webservers.
Local host refers ONLY to your current (development?) machine, the 192.254 host might not be available to you due to firewall or other issues.

kjuliff ::
>It is a 192 address so it looks like it is on a LAN
Not all 192 address are on LANs!
Only 192.168 and 192.169 are reserved for this. is registered to GTSI, according to ARIN (


i dont have web server software. i am trying to just use cfmx! is that a problem?
You DO have a webserver otherwise coldfusion is no good on its own.

The reason you are seeing different results when you use LOCALHOST vs the IP address is because they probably point to different addresses.

Do this:

Start > Run > type COMMAND > press ok
In  the black window type   IPCONFIG /ALL    and press enter
Paste the result here.

He's using the Cold Fusion webserver. Hence the :8500
He thinks the number is the IP address of his computer at work.
He is using a proxy server

So it seems as if it is because he is on a LAN that he can't see the site using the IP address.

He wants to make his site public and is prepared to do it at home. So all he has to do is to join and he's set.

And yes I know that not all 192 addresses are lans. But I guessed right that he was going through a lan.
this may be a silly thing but have you assigned the ip address to your web site in Internet Services Manager.

In administrative tools click on Internet Services Manager and click on your server in the window pane.  you should see an IIS in the list, if it says unassigned then right click and choose properties, under one of the tabs you can assign your IIS an ip address.  Once this is enabled other pcs will be able to see you sites by typing the ip address.

hope this helps

From the URL he gives it looks like he's not using IIS.

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