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jonathandaigle used Ask the Experts™
I cannot mount my information store.  I was having trouble with some email.  I rebooted the server now I cannot mount the store.  All services are started and running fine.
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I didn't do a restore.  Do you still suggest running eseutil?
Yes, the eseutil would be the utility to use... see here for similiar discussion:

Sounds like your DB's are in an unstable state, that utility can be used for such scenarios. Also read this first:;[LN];182903

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I have noticed that the backup was changed I haven't backed up the databases.  I am doing a backup now.  If I were to run the utilities without a previous backup, what kind of trouble would I be getting into?
Sounds like you are in trouble already, so... what could be worse? Server on fire i suppose...

If you are confident about all your backups, and have performed proper disaster recovery testing, no worries at all.

With no previous backups... dunno. It's a MS utility, so should be safe. But they tell you to have proper backups for most every possible scenario involving you touching the box.

This will give you more of a feel:
Start with the "safe modes" of eseutil operation first to see if there are even any errors... then work your way up if required.


I am seeing a "dirty shutdown."  I am guessing that the utility would solve this problem.  Or at least I am hoping :-).  What a great way to start the week.
Might be a good time for a call to Microsoft PSS as well...


I am getting an error that says the required log file is missing when I try to run the recovery before the repair.  Any Suggestions?


my latest error is that the "Database and Streaming file do not match each other"

Any Ideas?
Quote below. Note the last comment as well.

Eseutil /i - bypass the database and streaming file mismatch error:

The /i option ignores the signature mismatch error in the check phase if
database and streaming file do not match each other. The database and
file will receive new signatures in the repair phase. Without using this
repair will terminate immediately once the database and streaming file
error occurs.

From the Command Line Run:

  eseutil /p <database name> /i

The "/i" switch is not available in the RTM version of eseutil.exe. The
"/i" switch was first introduced in the SP1 version of eseutil.exe.
If using the RTM version of eseutil.exe and an upgrade to SP1 or later is
not possible, follow the steps in the following article to run the eseutil
/p /i command, you will need to use at least the SP1 version of the files
listed in the below article:

    244525 XADM: How to Run Eseutil on a Computer Without Exchange Server

Let me know if this worked out for you. It may however best for you to file
a ticket with Microsoft Product Support Service for phone support.


THAT WAS IT.  I just had to run the restore and move the log files out of the folder and re-mount and it worked.  Thanks for your help.

your problem has to do with the current transaction log missing ,and that could have been removed by an antivirus software(thts why do not run antivirus software on drive M(the virtual drive for exchange by default)
kb313184 has the soution to your problem.
one does constantly think of dis recovery with MS exchange because the thing will crap out on you frequently for no apparent reason.... interrupts my work to have to be a gd exchange admin all of the time
Thank God!!! This worked for me as well just now!

Thanks Experts!!!

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