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I'm pretty new to win apps. But basically i want to create a batch file that will compile my program. I have just added the compile line that i would use in dos mode to compile my program, but when i run the .bat file it does nothing. What is it i have to do? cheers
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Try using the full path of csc:
c:\Program Files\........\csc
What's the command you're using to compile?
Are you using Visual Studio? If so, you can run Visual Studio from the command line to compile your app...

devenv [Solution Name] /build [Build Config: Debug/Release]
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apb2Author Commented:
No just  notepad. But i want to compile it on another machine that i don't have access to. So the person who is compiling it just has to double click on the batch file. Think i will try writing an exe that compiles the program
apb2Author Commented:
I'm using the

csc /reference:filename.cs /out:program.exe file.cs

apb2Author Commented:
hey smithy thanks or the reply. I found that notepad, which i wrote the batch file in put in all these spaces.

so i edited the file using the edit command from the dos prompt and it worked fine.

cheer any way mate.

i feel like giving away some points anyway.

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