Cannot view Internet pages. DNS problems?


When viewing Internet pages I am getting the “page cannot be displayed”.. When refreshing for a few times it works…

I have a small domain, windows 2000 server with DNS server. Clients are configured to use the server’s DNS address.  All the clients are having the same problem.
DNS setting I have forwarders to my ISP DNS server.

Any ideas?..

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quoted from

Can't run IE

Symptoms: when running IE, you may get the following errors:

The Page Cannot Be Displayed.  
Cannot open the Internet site Web address. A connection with the server could not be established.  
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.  
Cannot find server or DNS Error.  
An internal error occurred in Windows Internet extensions.
DNS error and Web page cannot found

1) Scan virus first.
2) Verify network settings by using ping and ipconfig. If you can't ping, go to back to 1) or remove and re-install TCP/IP. If you can't ping the router ip, use ipconfig to make sure they are in the same subnet. If you can't ping outside ip or public ip, make sure the computer have correct default gateway. If you can ping public ip but not web site like, check the DNS settings.
3) Make sure the Use a Proxy Server check box is unchecked  if you do not use a proxy server. To do this, go to IE>Tools>Internet Options>Connections>LAN Settings.
4) Disable or remove any software like Comet Cursor may cause IE problem. You can use msconfig to disable.
5) Make sure that there are no parental restrictions on the account after installing ICS with AOL.
6)  If you can connect to the site using the IP but not the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) such as, check for entries in the Hosts file on the local computer, or rename it.
7) Check network properties and look for multiple instances of the TCP/IP protocol bound to the dial-up adapter. If multiple instances of the TCP/IP protocol are bound to the dial-up adapter, unbind the protocol so that only a single protocol (TCP/IP) is bound to the dial-up adapter. To do this, Network Neighborhood>Properties, click one of the TCP/IP dial-up adapter settings, click Remove, and then click OK.
8) Check for multiple instances of the Wsock32.dll, Winsock.dll, and Wsock.vxd files. Also check the dates and versions of these files. Rename any file that is not in the appropriate folder (Wsock32.dll and Wsock.vxd should be in the Windows\System folder, and Winsock.dll should be in the Windows folder).
9) Clean cookies and Internet Temp files.
10) You may want to logon another user if you are running w2k/xp.
11) You may want to use msconfig disable some software such as Xupiter, Gator and Comet Cursor.
12) Re-install IE or upgrade it. We may wan to rename all Winsock.dll, Wsock.vxd and Wsock32.dll before the installation.
13) Make sure you have loaded TCP/IP. If not, go to Control Panel>Network>Configuration>add>Protocol.
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Can you get to a server by IP address?  If so, you have a name resolution problem.  i fnot, you have a general internet connectivity problem, not just DNS.

This site is

This question is

Since you do "sometimes" get through, oad these two URLs a few times, and see if you consistently get through.

Also, try pinging the above IP address, and check proxy settings.
Load DNS manager and look at the Root tab, do you see any? If not, then you have your Domain set as the Root. After each refresh of the browser the DNS servers time-out. They eventually get to the forwarder's defined and processes the request.

I'm sure there's an easier way to fix this problem. I had to rerun dcpromo and when asked about DNS servers I set it to primary not root.

lunanatAuthor Commented:
Hi, Thanks for your ideas..

Ok blin2000.. Check all that OK.. I did have a duplicate for winsock.dll rename already. Don't have a Wsock.vxd (not one) did search and resulted on none. TCP's settings all ok..

Qwalette Ping the ip address reply ok, went to the address OK, second time had to refresh but came ok.

Wnjtech.. Yes, I know what you mean about the root, yes is set to be primary.

I ran virus scan yesterday, and nothing but I have to say that I plug a guest computer to my network and had the w32.welchia virus and W32.Blaster.C.Worm.. RAn a scan on my network and had the viruses quarentin on two workstations... Ran scan once more and all clear!!!!

Possibly an infection?...  But is not detected by Norton Coorporate edition

>> DNS setting I have forwarders to my ISP DNS server.

Maybe it's your ISP who's having troubles. What are the IP addresses of these DNS servers ?
If you have welchia and blaster running n yoru net, that can cause enough traffic to block legit internet usage!

Do you have up to date defs for Symantec?
lunanatAuthor Commented:
yes, I tracked the infected computers.. It is definetly Welchia.. Had to run windows update on all our machines (make sure everybody was updated-no further infections) then the welchia patch...

Why this happened?. Because somebody plug a laptop into my network and got Welchia in. HAve to update policies for visitors. And the most important thing. Didn't have all ALL the computers on the network up-to-date with windows update.

Thanks for your help. I am closing this question.
One word.  Firewall.  Make sure no software is running that my interfere with establishing the DNS.
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Sorry, I came to this party late.  I can see PAQed or not... but why shoudl points be refunded here?
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