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Good Afternoon-

I am in the process of researching options for an Enterprise level Web Content Filtering Solution for a small University. We are currently using iPrism, by St. Bernard, but have decided that it might be time to switch. We are using a Netscreen 50 firewall and would like something that will work well with that. Additonally, I would prefer an applicane-type device, rather than another Windows or Linux server to constantly patch and update. If anyone with experience with these solutions could give their input as to the best solution, it would be greatly appreciated. Please also tell me if the prioduct is a available through a one-time fee, or if it is a subscription based service. Also, the availability of a demo would be good to know about as well. Thank you.
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For a situation like yours? I would go with Symantec.  Bing brand name, lots of support.
esmeierAuthor Commented:
I am sorry, I should have been more specific. Symantec's solution seems to be more for protecting against spyware and the link, we are more interested in blocking porn and other potentially offensive materials. Symantec's product site doesnt mention the ability to block any of these things.
 Ok Go to
and check out bot their Webfilter And E-mail Filters...
this is probally what you need good luck
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sorry .. you can download a free demo of both products and as for the subscription service
for the Tech support 1 time a ear to maintain it.

  and as for a hardware solution i dont know of any.. Sorry :-(
Which mail system are you using?

There are different products available for SendMail, QMail, Domino, and Exchange. Which product you use for e-Mail will determine the choices available.
Oh, and of course, you might consider an outsourced filtering solution, where all your mail passes through the third-party filter system for tagging or dropping.  Effectively, you have nothing to manage but a contract.
esmeierAuthor Commented:
Again, we are looking for Web filtering, not Spam filtering. We are currently using iPrism, and are looking at solutions such as 8e6 and Websense.
John Gates, CISSPSecurity ProfessionalCommented:
WWW.SONICWALL.COM  you will find numerous options for web, content, and email filters in a hardware solution.

esmeierAuthor Commented:
I am still not getting psecific answers to the questions I asked. I can do a search on Web content filtering on google and get the names of dozens of vendors. I need answers to specific questions from admin's who have experience deploying different solutions. Please read the question completely and post if you are able to answer them completely or in part. again, please do not just post the name of a vendor. Thank you.
John Gates, CISSPSecurity ProfessionalCommented:
Well I work as a network manager for a school district in Illinois.  We have SonicWALL firewalls at all locations and have had great luck with them.  In addition to being a firewall they also provide VPN, Web Content Filtering service, email filtering and virus filtering.  I do not use all of the above (I have Symantec antivirus filtering on mailservers and machines).  But the SonicWALL sounds like a perfect fit for your deployment.  There are yearly fees involved for support, firmware updates and the filtering but any solution that is worthwhile will have said fees.  Again this is a hardware solution (I am not a fan of software based solutions).  Does this answer the question?  If not please tell me what else you are looking to know.


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esmeierAuthor Commented:
Yes, Thank you. That was the exact information I was looking for. I hope I didn't come across as being rude, I was just getting a little frustrated. Thanks again.
John Gates, CISSPSecurity ProfessionalCommented:
No I can understand there are so many solutions out there it can be very discouraging.  In addition SonicWALLs support is very good!

Good Luck!
dimante-  I'd appreciate your thoughts on sonicwall at the following question-
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