Applications fail to initialize properly once. Then app works

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My system: Windows XP home SP1, 512meg ram, 250meg free on C:

For the past few days whenever I lauch any program like IE, Outlook, etc the windows displays a message like:

  The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). Click OK to terminate the application.

and sometimes a second message box:

  The instruction at "0x004e5fba" referenced memory at "0xc287f4c2".  The memory could not be "read".
  Click OK to terminate the application.

After closing the messages, and immediately trying again, the program starts normally, but the problem comes back when I run the program later (about 40% of the time)

The annoyance still occurs after rebooting.

It even occurs to Task Manager when I press Ctrl+Alt+Delete
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Scan the system with Ad-Aware ( and eliminate the
malware products causing the abnormal program termination.
** Update the pattern file using WEB UPDATE feature in Ad-Aware **

If the problem continues, reinstall Internet Explorer using this method:


I ran Ad-Aware 6 and removed Gaim (from divx) last night.

This morning the apps aren't starting right the 1st time again.

Here's the apps that are running:
XNews 5.04.25, XP's File Explorer, Cygwin shell, ATI's TV, Mozilla 1.4, Miranda 1.3, MacroMaker

Currently Ad-Aware 6 doesn't find anything.

I don't use Internet Explorer

Here are few things U shud do:

1. Do a clean boot. It will eliminate the probability of a startup item or service causing it.
  How to perform a cleanboot in windows XP

2. From Add/Remove, Uninstall these programs if exists
   enhanced media loads
   Media loads
   Norton Firewall domain
   Save Now
   Zone Alarm Pro
   Any kind of third party toolbars, easy search bar, MySearch bar etc...

3. Your winsock or TCP/IP stack may be corrupted. Reset them with this script.

All the best

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I ran "sfc /scannow" which only showed a progress bar and quit.  The annoyance accured 1 time since then.

I don't have any of those Add/Remore entries.  This affects more than internet programs.  It affects Task Manager, numerous cygwin commands.  I'm able to use the internet normally.

Did u try cleanboot and winsockfix as suggested by me above??
If not, try them first, if problem persists

Try these suggestions:

1. Uninstall GoBack software and EasyCD Creator, Direct CD if installed (known to cause 0xc0000142 errors)

2. Disable ur Norton AV and other Norton components and try again

3. Create a new user with type Administrator and login. Try opening programs again

4. U haven't scanned for viruses. U did not mention. Plz do it online

All the best

PS. Try definitely
      disable startup group and try again



Did any suggestion work for U??
We have not heard from U. Is ue issue reolved or still persists??
Plz post ur feedback and close this question and award points to the expert whose answer helped U.




I haven't tried cleanboot yet.  I don't have much startup items or 3rd party services

I use Nero instead of EasyCD

I didn't have Norton or any anti-virus program.  I just installed the AVG 6.0 free anti virus tool and it found only one virus in a kazaa partial download file.

I haven't had the problem today.

This may mean nothing, but 0xC0000142 may mean DLL Init Failed according to

I tried to use a file monitor to see which DLL is failing, but the programs keep initing ok.



All CD cloning softwares including EASTcd, Nero Burning ROM, InCD etc. have same effect.
try uninstalling them and see the difference.

Thanks for the points.
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