CEdit bmp background

I have tiled a bmp image to create a background for my CEdit object.  This works fine, except when text is selected.  The problem is that when the text is unselected the background of where the text selection was is now white instead of my bmp.  I need a solution to this problem.  I have thought of two possible ways to get around this:

Make it so text selection doesnt highlight the background (it only changes the actual text color).

Have the background redraw when the text selection is gone.

The problem is I'm not sure how to implement either of these solutions.

Here is the code I have to place the background bmp.

            CRect rect;
            CDC* pMemDC = new CDC;
            CBitmap*     pBitmap = new CBitmap;

            HBITMAP hBMPDefault = CreateCompatibleBitmap(pDC->m_hDC, rect.Width(), rect.Height());
        SelectObject(pMemDC->m_hDC, hBMPDefault);
            CBitmap*     pOldBitmap = (CBitmap*)pMemDC->SelectObject(pBitmap);

            int cx = 0;
            int cy = 0;
            int nWidth = rect.Width();
            int nHeight = rect.Height();
            BITMAP bm;
            for (int y=0;y < nHeight; y += bm.bmHeight )
                  for (int x=0;x < 225; x += bm.bmWidth )
                        if((x+bm.bmWidth) > nWidth)
                              cx = nWidth;
                              cx = bm.bmWidth;
                        if((y+bm.bmHeight) > nHeight)
                              cy = nHeight;
                              cy = bm.bmHeight;
                        pDC->BitBlt(x, y, cx, cy, pMemDC, 0, 0, SRCCOPY);
            delete pBitmap;
            delete pMemDC;
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The CEdit required a brush object when painting its DC, create a bitmapped brush and return the brush handler in your dialog's OnCtlColor.

class CAboutDlg : public CDialog
      CBrush m_BrushEdit;

BOOL CAboutDlg::OnInitDialog()
      // TODO: Add extra initialization here
      CBitmap BitmapEdit;

      return TRUE;  // return TRUE unless you set the focus to a control
                    // EXCEPTION: OCX Property Pages should return FALSE

HBRUSH CAboutDlg::OnCtlColor(CDC* pDC, CWnd* pWnd, UINT nCtlColor)
      HBRUSH hbr = CDialog::OnCtlColor(pDC, pWnd, nCtlColor);
      // TODO: Change any attributes of the DC here

      // TODO: Return a different brush if the default is not desired
      return hbr;

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Roshan DavisCommented:
Draw the bitmap by mapping WM_ERASEBKGND.

You can map that message to any CWnd derived class using class wizard.
ON_WM_ERASEBKGND() in message map

and declare
afx_msg BOOL OnEraseBkgnd( CDC* pDC );

Rosh :)
lwinkenbAuthor Commented:
Roshmon >>
All the code I posted above is already in my OnEraseBackground() method of my CEdit derived class.

I also forgot to mention that the dialog the CEdit control is on is a CDialogBar (not sure if that makes a difference here).

I will give your idea a try.
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Roshan DavisCommented:
Map EN_UPDATE in the control class itself, here is some code sample


HBRUSH CEditTrans::CtlColor(CDC* pDC, UINT nCtlColor)

    if (m_BackColor == TRANS_BACK) {
    else {


    return (HBRUSH)m_Brush;

void CEditTrans::OnUpdate()
void CEditTrans::UpdateCtrl()
    CWnd* pParent = GetParent();
    CRect   rect;

    rect.DeflateRect(2, 2);

    pParent->InvalidateRect(rect, FALSE);

Rosh :)
Roshan DavisCommented:
And try this link

http://www.codeproject.com/editctrl/ctrltrans.asp - CEdit & CStatic Transparency Control

Good Luck
lwinkenbAuthor Commented:
thanks for the comments.

Freewell's code turned out to work perfectly, the highlighting no longer removes the background.
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