Win2000 Prof. Ed. Video problem

I have installed Win2000 Prof ed. w/SP4 on a hitachi 82gig 7200 rpm HD, Gigabyte GA-8SDX MB, 384mb of pc133 ram, P4 1.8ghz cpu, 52x cd-rom, ATX case with 400 watt power supply, 1.44 floppy. I installed my geforce 440 SE 64mb sdrm vid card and the latest driver for the card.
My problem is this: I cannot get any 3d games to run on my computer especially Open GL based games. When I start a 3d game program the screen starts to break up into triangles and odd shapes, then I get the following error: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error
Abnormal Program Termination. Also, the only way I can get my computer to run at all (without 3d gaming) is by installing an older version of the driver that is for NT not 2000. I am willing to give 1000 points to the person who tells me how to fix this. Not the person who directs me to a weblink that might help me fix this but a real expert who knows what to do about this problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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which version nvidia detonator did you use, try removing all detonator drivers using detonator destroyer,
click here

then install an older version of the detonator.
Also check that your refresh rates are set to a standard compatible with your monitor.
there is a tool to correct several known issues with the nvidia chipset & win2k called NVrefresh, availble here.
 this tool is for problems with open gl & monitor refresh rates.
This certainly looks like a problem with the Drivers. I would suggest you to install the new Forceware driver download from nVidia [released on 23rd oct] which has enhancements to the OpenGL support.

This is available for download from,
Have you already checked both nVidia's site and the game developers' site to see whether any issues specific to OpenGL or this game in particular exist?

If you haven't already you might want to start with the basics, scan for and remove spyware (use SpyBot for this); scan for and remove any viruses (I'd recommend Norton or AVG).  

Also check to see whether your motherboard is running its latest available BIOS version; if not I'd consider upgrading it.  
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rcloydAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions but......

I have used detonator driver, NVRrefreshtool, loaded an older driver, loaded the latest forceware driver 51.26 for win2000 and have the latest bios available for my motherboard.
I have switched out every single component of my computer with similar parts, MB, cpu, cdrom, ram, power supply, HD, fans, case you name it I've tried it. I switched surge protectors, electrical outlets, power cords, operating systems from xp to win2ooo. I am lost at this point and am thinking about loading my computer into the trebuchet that my boys built for a boyscout project and launching it over onto the next farm.

Any further suggestions would be appreciated.

ok before you fire it into a paddock & kill some innocent farm animal (i want pictures of that if you do)
the one thing you haven't changed is the graphics card
"I have switched out every single component of my computer with similar parts, MB, cpu, cdrom, ram, power supply, HD, fans, case you name it I've tried it. I switched surge protectors, electrical outlets, power cords, operating systems from xp to win2ooo".
a graphics card will be a lot cheaper than a new system although nowhere near as entertaining as the current plan of "launching it over onto the next farm".....LOL
good luck with it
rcloydAuthor Commented:
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I purchased an ATI Radeon 9600 vid card and replaced my geforce with it to no avail.

Keep those suggestions coming.

You might want to try to update your Windows to the latest SP release.  If that doesn't help, go into your BIOS and check your AGP settings (or PCI settings).

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Rob StoneCommented:
If its not card related, try SFC /SCANNOW.

Is anything overclocked in the pc?

Try fail safe settings in the bios.
Are you running directX 9.0b? Have you tried a DirectX diagnostic? (In Start - Run type dxdiag and hit OK).
Shot in the dark here but try this the shortcut that is created by the game (btw what is/are the games you are trying to run ?) click compatibility tab and select win98 as the os to run under click apply and attempt to run the game(s). I know BF 1942 used to give me this issue until I did this.
Sorry if you are under win2k prof and you don't have the compatibility tab you can use this command to get it click start run and then type "regsvr32 %systemroot%\apppatch\slayerw.dll".
Rob StoneCommented:
Or apcompat brings up a compatibilit program.
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