pc will not boot, all new hardware


sitting here with a computer, new build.
motherboard - Epox 8K5AE
power supply Codegen 300W
Ram - Twinmos 333 256.
VGA - Geforce 64

Have put it all together.. but the computer won't boot.. :(

Couldn't find out the problem..

When booting, the fan is going, power light is on, harddrive light is on.

But I hear no sound.. no beep..

Have tried to take out Memory, agp, ide cables, power cables etc. tried diffrent things, always the same result..

Just read this: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Desktops/Q_20741930.html .. Looks like the same problem.. should I just get a new motherboard?

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make sure the jumpers on the board aren't set to clear the cmos.  if they aren't, you may want to try clearing it, or taking the battery out for at least an hour or so to insure it gets wiped.  are you sure the processor is properly seated?

WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
You didnt mention a processor.  What processor do you have?  and it is possible the heatsink could be installed incorrectly?  On most AMD fan's their is a lip on one side of the heatsink and should fit snuggly on the top of the socket.....if it is backwards (and believe me it can be installed backwards) it could damage the CPU (crushing it, cracking it, and not make a good seal on the processor itself causing it to overheat)
kkarumuAuthor Commented:
The prosessor is AMD

when I set the jumpers to clear cmos and I push the powerswitch nothing happens at all..

Prosessor is properly seated.
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In order to get a "beep" you must have:

1) Motherboard, properly jumpered (if any), properly plugged in to power.
2) CPU, properly installed, heatsinked.
3) RAM, proper type, properly installed.
4) Power

If any of the above are missing, bad, misconfigured you get what you're seeing.

Remove EVERYTHING but these items and try to get a "beep".  If no luck, try swapping out parts until you find the bad one.

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when I set the jumpers to clear cmos and I push the powerswitch nothing happens at all.

of course you will not get anything because you have the jumper to clear Cmos.  It has to be put back to were it was after you clear the cmos.  
Sam CohenConsultant to Digital/DeveloperCommented:
try reseating the ram in different slot
or it could be your power supply
Rob StoneCommented:
Are there any FSB jumpers?  What CPU do you have?  Try it on both 100 and 133 if you have the jumpers.

Reseat the CPU as well.  I have had a number of AMDs that didn't work after initially putting the CPU in but after taking it out, giving it a little blow it worked.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
You say the processor is properly seated.....is the Heatsink seated properly as well?  If it is seated properly now.....was it ever installed incorrectly?  or can you see any damage to the CPU?  Especially the center of the processor.  The Wafer right their is the most fragile part on the processor.  If it is chipped or cracked, it could cause your system t not post.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
To not post....sorry
kkarumuAuthor Commented:
Have now tried alot.. reseated heatsink and prosessor twice (heat sink is seated the way it should), ram in diffrent slot, diffrent jumper settings.. diffrent vga card nothing helped..

is there a way to figure out if the motherborad is ok or not (without sending the motherboard to the shop)?

The prosessor is amd xp 2000

memory: twinmos ddr 333 256MB

Going to try the prosessor in another computer and some other ram in this troubling pc. Will post the result later.
Maybe your switch is bad!  Take off the power switch and short it with a piece of metal.  You may also put on a jumper from another component not inside your case.

Leave your CPU with a heatsink, ram, and video card on your motherboard.  Unplug everything else completely.  When booting up, hold the Insert key.

--Begin Disclaimer--
Disclaimer for the following:
I do not take responsibility for hardware damage caused by following my instructions below this disclaimer.
-Put the CMOS jumper to RESET and power up the computer with only the CPU and heatsink, ram, and video card.
--End Disclaimer--

Thank you,
Radomir Jordanovic
The reason I suggested the last thing is that I have an AK32E that will sit as if it were dead unless the CMOS jumper is set to RESET.
Check your drive cabling.  A cable on backwards/upside down can cause your exact same symptom.  Floppy drives are notorius for being able to be off by a few pins one way or the other or if one gets in a hurry winds up with the cable on only the top half of pins.  Try pulling all of your drive cables off  and powering up.  If you installed the MDB yourself, pull it out of the case and check that all the standoffs are properly oriented. One of those can run you in circles if not noticed. Have you tried different P/S?

Good Luck
Have a look on the motherboard for a square socket about 1cm square with the ability to plug 4 wires into it.  This is the auxiliary power supply.  Older (one year or so) power supplies do not have this, newer ones do/should/could have this connector.  This is in addition to the larger rectangular multy-wired power supply for the MOBO.
HHinOz: 4 plug connectors are only for the P4 not AMD.  
kkarumu there will not be a 4 plug connector on you motherboard.
I beg to differ with you on this.

I have been playing.fighting today with several MOBOs (I will give you the models if you want) for AMDs that have this "feature".

Definitely socket A (AMD)!

As a 'for instance' have a look at this I was playing with one of these a couple of days ago).

Don't things change fast!!
kkarumuAuthor Commented:
Thanx for all the comments!

powersupply ok
CPU: ok

Tested in other pc, all worked ok!

Have decided to send the motherboard back to the shop and let them figure it out. I'm now pretty sure that the something is wrong with it.
kkarumuAuthor Commented:
Also tried with other ps, cpu. ram and vga on the troubling motherboard.
kkarumuAuthor Commented:
not sure how to deal out the points now.. It my first time here..
if you'd like to split them, there is a little button above the text field that says, "split ponts"

click that and give them out as you please.

if you'd like to give them to one person, just click the accept button next to the answer you'd like to accept.

WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
split points....
Sam CohenConsultant to Digital/DeveloperCommented:
well like ive said earlier it really could 100% be your RAM
Try getting Ram that is suggested my MB manufacturer
ive had the same problem before
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:

I think that the asker said the ram was good?   Not to mention you didnt say it was 100% bad ram.  You just said to move the ram around or reseat it....which he said he tried that.
Then he even goes as far as saying that he tried the ram  (and some other parts) in another system and it works.....so how can you say it was 100% ram?

kkarumuAuthor Commented:

Thanx all for your replies! Sorry that I just left the discussion..

The problem was the Motherboard, as soon as it was replased, it all worked!
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Thanks Kkarumu.

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