How to create and add data to a text file in VB.NET

Posted on 2003-10-27
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
I have three text boxes and an Add button. I want basically to create a Downloader.txt file in the directory c:\\files\Downloader.txt
I'm trying to use the following code but unable to create the above text file and add the data from three textboxes to the Downloader.txt file.

Primarily I want to check the Downloader.txt file exists in the above directory, if not I want to create it or if it exists I want to append the data to the file.

Here is the code:

 Dim datdownloader As New StreamWriter("downloader.txt", True)

             Dim strrecord As String

             If IsNumeric(txtname.Text) Then
                 MessageBox.Show("Enter A string Value ", "Invalid data Entry", _
                 MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Warning)

             End If


strrecord = (txtname.Text & "|" & txtdownloads.Text & "|" & txtaddress.Text)

'I WANT TO ADD THE ABOVE strrecord to the Downloader.txt file if it exits, if not i want to create and append the strrecord to that file.

I appreciate your response.


Question by:bmx123
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Accepted Solution

sony1464 earned 45 total points
ID: 9631088
Private Sub AddButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles AddButton.Click
        Dim fso As File
        Dim writer As StreamWriter
        If fso.Exists("C:\\files\Downloader.txt") Then
            writer = fso.AppendText("C:\\files\Downloader.txt")
            writer = fso.CreateText("C:\\files\Downloader.txt")
        End If

End Sub

Expert Comment

ID: 9645020
if you do:
        writer = fso.AppendText("C:\\files\Downloader.txt")

instead of:
        If fso.Exists("C:\\files\Downloader.txt") Then
            writer = fso.AppendText("C:\\files\Downloader.txt")
            writer = fso.CreateText("C:\\files\Downloader.txt")
        End If

it will get the same result.  If the file does not exist, it will create it and add to it.  If it does exist, it will add to it.

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