HP deskjet 111

I just aquired one of these babies and when I went to the site to search for the driver, I saw that windows XP invariably does not run it, as there is no listing for this OS to drive it. I hope I said that propperly. Anyways. HP would have me buy the manual. Are there any sites that I may view and down load it as an "Acrobat File"? And, should I get my "98" OS to run the driver?

Thanks in advance..........
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Maybe try to use the driver for Windows 2000.

Are you sure your printer is deskjet 111. I donot see any reference of this model

Check back and give the correct model number

chesgemsAuthor Commented:
It's a deskjet 3, shown as three "111" of these. I did get the laptop to recocnize and install the driver for it, but now it seems that theprinter has some sort of magnito problem, it doesn't seem to be working, to activate the magnito to raise the armiture for feeding the paper. I am going to try and fix it with some help, cause I think that the printer would be a good one, if I can get it up and running. I hear these babies went for a handsome price in their hay-day.

Thank you all kindly for your advise and expertise.
chesgems ;-)
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