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Can anyone recommend some decent Red Hat training in Sydney, Australia? I've looked at the RH certification, but my employer doesn't want to pay that much.

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I did a search in and find this have a check :)
Hallo flanque

When you find something let me know. I'm interesting in same thing.

Check this out mate !
flanqueAuthor Commented:
Yeah I will. In fact, you could visit and register as being interested for this training. It's VERY cheap, and is run by a lecturer/tutor for TAFE NSW.

You have to register an account and then just post a message to express your interest.

If anyone else has some info that would be fantastic.
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Hi flanque

This site is very good tip:)))
I register but I  did not get any email. There was some error during my registration. When I try log in it said to my that my registration is not complete. But my name is already redistered and my email as well. And there is no mail to send them feedback. From wich email have you recieved you registration code? I will write them....
I sended it  directly to the teachers email.....:)))))
flanqueAuthor Commented:
Send an email to geoffrey *at*

I used the *at* instead of @ to avoid bots from harvesting the email address.
Thanks it is done already.....


be careful, many bots are trained to pick up on these things now...

When you recieve more informatinos from certain email let me know....thanks

flanqueAuthor Commented:
I will -- it seems as though there is significant interest.

LUXANA: Try the link I posted above. THis was recommended to me by

Thanks flangue...good link

when you look at the books link there must be almost everithing.....:))))

I will chek the map where is the location of this store....
flanqueAuthor Commented:
This is the link I was talking about:
Hallo flangue

so have you get any answer from Sydney Gonzo Linux yet?

flanqueAuthor Commented:
Yep. There are lots of people who are interested in the course. I am just waiting for word on whether the course will start (i.e. sufficient interest).

If you signed up you would get notification via email once something happens though.
flangue when your recieve the notification just let me know because my registration failed. I wrote to teacher...but just in know....

flanqueAuthor Commented:
So has anyone come up with anything? I'm still looking. I've found some solutions myself, but they want litterally thousands of dollars to be trained, which I don't have, nor will my boss pay for.


So you did not join the classes in Granville TAFE College?
flanqueAuthor Commented:
No I didn't. Unfortunately I decided to follow a Masters at University, but I think dropped it realising how theoretical and unpractical it was.

I am still on the lookout for some Linux training. In fact I might persue the Gonzo thing again now.

Have you found anything?
I stoped looking because I joined Linux Sydney gonzo classes in granville. I found it very helpful . The real point of this courses is to prepare us for LPI exams . These days there are 3 types of courses .

1]Linux introduction with geoffrey robertson
2] LPI 101 preparation with Gus Lees
3] LPI 102 preparatin with Andrew Eager

Because I'm beginner I took first two courses. Every wednesdays and thursdays evening 4 hours.

What excatly you are looking for? There is also theory, is only up to you how much of these theory you turn into real world.  Ask me more if you want to know something more about gonzo courses.

flanqueAuthor Commented:
I am now looking to get into that Gonzo class now.. I'm more an intermediate, missing some beginner skills. I've had to learn bits and pieces here and there as my job requires it. For example, I am in the middle of compiling my own 2.6.6 kernel, but then would not know how to tackle some other basics without time learning it.

I just want to understand and learn about Linux.

It would be good idea to write an email to geoffrey so you can gather more informations about courses. Try that and if you don't get answer let me know. what you think about that?
flanqueAuthor Commented:
Sounds like a plan.
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