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a certain user creates folders to make her mails more manageable. once in a while she would move emails from the inbox to her personal folders. it used to work properly. but now, whenever she moves an email to a particular folder, the newly moved mails seemed to be missing. i checked her *.nsf in lotus designer and i can see the mails from designer. but when i preview the folder in lotus notes, the mails is again not there. what seems to be the problem and how can this be fixed? thanks.
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Hi sharol,

Could be they were dragged to the wrong folder.  There is a bug in some versions of Notes that makes it hard to drop on the correct folder name, or might even shift the whole folder list unexpectedly.

1) Have the user move documents to folders via the FOLDER button at the top of the view (Folder -> Move To Folder), instead of drag nad drop

2) Enable "MAPI folder references" for the mail file (load convert -m mail\xyzyz.nsf).  Then, you should be able to tell which folder the document is actually in as follows:
a. locate the document in All Documents
b. open document properties
c. click on the second tab (field list)
d. click on the field named $FolderRef
e. note the value for the field.  it is a 32-digit hex number, you can probably get away with noting just the first four characters
f. Hold down shift-control and click View->Goto
e. Select hidden folder ($FolderInfo)
f. Sort on the second column (Folder UNID)
g. Locate the match for the folder ref, which you found in (e)
h. The folder name is on teh same row in teh first column
i. View->Goto, and select that folder name
j. You shoudl be able to find the document in that folder

Best regards,
sharolAuthor Commented:
qwaletee, i have tried the move to folder option but it still did not work properly.

here's the problem, i hope i get to explain it well...when i view/open the folder on designer, the mails are there but when i view the same folder the mails are not there. I'm talking about the same folder. why is it that lotus notes won't display some of the mails that i can view on lotus designer. thanks.
sharolAuthor Commented:
and also, i cant find the $FolderRef field on the list of fields.
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You can only find $FolderRef if you use he convert -m option to enable folder references.

It sounds as if you either have a display driver issue, or a corrupt folder problem.  Are NO e-Mails showing in the problem folders? Open one of those folders, adn press Control-A.  How many documents does the satus bar show as selected?  If yu press enter, does a doc open?
sharolAuthor Commented:
How do I do this? >>> Enable "MAPI folder references" for the mail file (load convert -m mail\xyzyz.nsf).  

There are mails in the problem folder. The only mails that doesn't display are the newly transferred mails.
As previously explained, teh Domino server console command:

LOAD CONVERT -m mail\mailfilename.nsf
sharolAuthor Commented:
qwaletee, what I am looking for a solution that doesn't to access the server or the administrator client.

I can't make it work. I have fixed the problem in a simpler way. If it's okay with, can I just give you half the points for the time and effort. Thanks
Nah, just ask for a refund.  But please provide your "simpler" answer, so someone stumbling across this question (once it is PAQed) will be able to get god information.
sharolAuthor Commented:
Okay qwaletee, thanks a lot. You're such a helpful person.

Uhm...how do I get a refund? :) thanks again.
Post a request in the Community area.  But I'm still waiting to hear how you fixed it!
sharolAuthor Commented:
I just set the refresh index field under the folder's properties box to Automatic.

tnx again.

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