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This is a server 2003 setup question.

Has anybody ever seen the "Typical setup for a first server" wizard that is referenced by Microsoft;

Or again referenced in the the help files for the Configure Your Server Wizard keyword typical?


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1 thing that concerns me....the word "Wizard"

Wizard's decieve through illusion and cantrips.  They are not to trusted.

But I believe if you go to admin tools and choose "configure" it starts the wizard that automatically gets called on your fist logon after installation.

Nope, looked there.

The wizard that is first displayed the first time the server is brought up referenced the "typical setup for a first server wizard".

This elusive wizard is talked about in detail on both the Microsoft web site and in the help files...however...it does not seem to exist.

has anybody every seen this wizard, maybe in a beta version?


I am running 2003 Server and I have never seen it. I don't think there is a typical setup wizard. There is a help file that references "Typical setup for a first serve option in the Configure your server wizardr" but nothing with Wizard on it. What that is refering to is (I think) Add or Remove a role. That might have been a typo (?) by Microsoft.


My question on Windows 2003 Server:
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I searched microsoft.com for "Typical setup for a first server" It doesn't exist.  I think they were inferring to the "wizard" in Manage Your Server under Admin Tools.  Then click on "add or remove" a role.  Honestly...do not trust a wizard to configure your server.

The "typical setup for a first server wizard" does actually exist, and I found it.

When a 2k3 server is first installed, and before you configure any roles, you can run the wizard through "manage your server"  After that, the elusive wizard seems to be gone forever.

It has some impressive results, very thorough.

Please close the question.
You want to be careful with any "wizardry" that will make changes to your policies, which this wizard does.

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