uploading of file to the server

I have tried this code and it works fine.

Select file to upload: <input id="uploadedFile" type="file" runat="server" NAME="uploadedFile">

                Dim savePath As String = "C:\temp\"
                Dim postedFile = uploadedFile.PostedFile
                Dim filename As String = Path.GetFileName(postedFile.FileName)
                Dim contentType As String = postedFile.ContentType
                Dim contentLength As Integer = postedFile.ContentLength

                postedFile.SaveAs(savePath & filename)

but i will like to have a check such that when the user uploads a file to the temp directory. if there is already a file with the same name in the directory, prompt the user whether the user wants to overwrite the file. Also prompt the user when the file choosen is not found instead of creating an empty file in the server side.
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Hi !
There are two parts of your question:

Part 1:  [ ... check such that when the user uploads a file to the temp directory. if there is already a file with the same name in the directory... ]

           Before the line in your code [... postedFile.SaveAs(savePath & filename)  ...], you can check for the existence of the file on the server in your uploading temp directory, and here is the code...
          Dim bFlag as Boolean = False
          If System.IO.File.Exists(savePath & filename) then
                  bFlag = True
          End if
          ' Now as the bFlag will be set to true if file already exits in the temp upload server
          ' directory. So you can now code as to your whish, e.g if there is some lblError in your
          ' page, that you set it to Visible=False, then you can Make it visible and show the messge
          ' to the User/Client. or you can Visible as Checkbox to allow the user to Confirm the file
          ' Upload and Overwrite

          If bFlag then
                 lblError.Visible = True
                 lblError.Text = "Server Side File All Ready Exits"
                 chkOverwrite.Visible = True
                 chkOverWrite.Text = "Confirm Overwrite ?"
          Else 'just save the uploaded file to the temp server directory
                postedFile.SaveAs(savePath & filename)
          End if

Part 2:  [ Also prompt the user when the file choosen is not found instead of creating an empty file in the server side. ]

           Kindly Explain More ...what i have understand is this, you want to give the user error message that "Server side file does not exits so you (User) cannot upload file", meaning that you only want to upload the file when the file already exits, also confirm the Uploading by User from your Part1 of your question. so if your meaning is this then same as above my code will help you to find out the solution of this prob, here is how...

           If bFlag = False then 'as file is not found on the server
                    lblError.Visible = True
                    lblError.Text = "Server side file does not exits so you cannot create new file!"
           Else 'just overwrite the file that already exits on server
                  postedFile.SaveAs(savePath & filename)
           End if
adomsgAuthor Commented:
sorry about the second ques. What i meant is that i want 2 prompt the user if the file path in the uploadedFile input box does not point to a file in the client side.

adomsgAuthor Commented:
for the part 1 answer, hw do i show a message box that will ask the user whether he want 2 overwrite or not? Thanks
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Hi Again!

Well your requirment for the part 1 and part 2 both are cleard to me now, but there is one problem, the total points of your question are lacking 100, i mean this question should have 155 than to just 55 points, if you increase the points, then i can move on to furthur answer, till then...

bye bye amego....

I am felling greedy now  }:-$
adomsgAuthor Commented:
sorry, but the most i can give is 100, cos i need the remaining points to post another question once this question is out of the way.

Really hope u can help.

Greed is the root of all evil.
so increase the points man !
adomsgAuthor Commented:
adomsgAuthor Commented:
I v found the solution to the second question. That is
if uploadedFile.PostedFile.ContentLength <> 0 Then
    //print file not found.
end if

for the first question. To prompt the user, must use JavaScript

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