JAXB question


I have a JAXB question that I'd really like to go through with someone.

It's here:


I'd also like to increase the number of points for the question.  How can I do this?

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TimBAuthor Commented:
Is anybody there?  even some pointers would be great.

Can you post the xsd file you're trying to transform?
TimBAuthor Commented:
I've posted the details on the original question here:


Is it ok if I post here, I'm more often in the Java section than XML.

Ok, a couple of things.  To suppress the ct-props-correct.4 error, do this to build.xml

        <xjc binding="bindings.jxb" extension="true" package="ee" schema="profile.xsd" target=".">
          <arg value="-nv"/>

That just solves the problem initially so that xjc can get on to the bindings, because otherwise it doesn't even see the bindings customization file.

To target the included schema would have been to have a <jxb:bindings schemaLocation="FIDELIO..."> section.  I don't know if that was your question about how to tell xjc to ignore the included definitions, but anyway, this too doesn't work.

That CreditCard definition in profile.xsd is definitely a problem.  I've looked at it more than I should have and it's a stumper.  Maybe there's a correct solution but all I have is a workaround.  Your profile.xsd is an xml file after all and subject to xsl transformation.  So put it through a transformation which leaves everything in except the  commented line below.  

     <xs:element name="CreditCards">
               <xs:documentation>Collection of Credit Card objects (CreditCard.xsd)</xs:documentation>
                    <xs:element name="CreditCard" maxOccurs="unbounded">
                                   <xs:extension base="CreditCard">
                                        <!-- <xs:attributeGroup ref="PrivacyAttributes"/>  privacy killed -->
               <xs:attributeGroup ref="PrivacyAttributes"/>

Then run xjc.  

That's it.

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TimBAuthor Commented:

I knew about the "~<arg value="-nv"/>" part, but didn't work out the xml part that you did.

However, I did manage to convert the XSDs using Castor and a castor bindings file.  

Even though I got Castor to convert, I am tempted to use your way, as JAXB is the standard.

Thanks for all the help,

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