ignore error message and continue if path not found in VBA?

Posted on 2003-10-28
Last Modified: 2010-08-05
I have the following piece of code that looks for various files, attaches them and then emails them. Problem is that some files are only there occaisionally (ie not every week), so when it can't find the path (varAttach(x - 1) = Email("Path") & " " & Email("Account name") & " " & Email("Account Number" & x) & " September 2003.xls") i get an error message and have to start again. I need a piece of code that will skip a path it can't find and move on to the next path without bringing up an error message.

PS any answers as simple as possible I'm not very good at VBA!

Many thanks in advance.

Private Sub Command0_Click()

  Dim varpeeps(10) As Variant
  Dim varAttach(10) As Variant
  Dim xlapp As Object
  Dim dbAddress As Database
  Dim Email As Recordset
  Dim x As Integer
  Dim DateBox As String
  Set dbAddress = CurrentDb
  Set Email = dbAddress.OpenRecordset("Email Addresses")
  DateBox = Forms![Form1]!DateBox
  DoCmd.SetWarnings False
  Do Until Email.EOF
    For x = 1 To 7
      If IsNull(Email("Email Address " & x)) = False Then
        varpeeps(x - 1) = Email("Email Address " & x)
      End If
    Next x
    x = 0
    For x = 1 To 8
      If IsNull(Email("Account Number" & x)) = False Then
      varAttach(x - 1) = Email("Path") & " " & Email("Account name") & " " & Email("Account Number" & x) & " September 2003.xls"
      End If
    Next x
    x = 0
    Call SendNotesMail..........................................

    'Reset Arrays
    Erase varpeeps
    Erase varAttach
  DoCmd.SetWarnings True
  MsgBox ("Complete")
End Sub
Question by:gybjw

Expert Comment

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Will this work? I think it might.

    For x = 1 To 8
      If IsNull(Email("Account Number" & x)) = False Then
      if dir(Email("Path") & " " & Email("Account name") & " " & Email("Account Number" & x) & " September 2003.xls") ="" then next
      varAttach(x - 1) = Email("Path") & " " & Email("Account name") & " " & Email("Account Number" & x) & " September 2003.xls"
      End If
    Next x
    x = 0

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The simples way is to put the following line on the top of your Sub

On Error Resume Next

This will prevent your program to report an error every time it doesn't find a file, but it will only assign an error value to a variable err.

So the way you wuol use this is something like that:

On Error Resume Next

For x = 1 To 10

   Open file(x) For Input As #1              'generates error if file is missing
     If Err = 0 then
         'send that file through mail        
         Close #1  
         Err = 0                                'just clear the error value
     End If

Next X
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Accepted Solution

dbrckovi earned 125 total points
ID: 9633739
Instead of putting the line "On Error Resume Next"  on top of the Sub you can put it just before the piece of code where you would like it to take effect.

If you put it at the top of the sub, then every other possible error in that Sub would be ignored, and that can couse a lot of problems when debugging your program.

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Or you can check in advance with

dim fs as new filesystemobject ' you need to add a reference to microsoft scripting runtime

if fs.fileexists (Email("Path") & " " & Email("Account name") & " " & Email("Account Number" & x) & " September 2003.xls") then
    'do your email

Author Comment

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Many thanks dbrckovi I never realised it could be so simple!
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