Disabling 'Read' receipts using MS Outlook 2000 and Exchange 2000 Server

Hello friends,

I would like to prevent Exchange 2000 Server from delivering 'Read' receipts for received messages that have been read by an Outlook 2000 client.

I accept that there is no feature to do this in Exchange 5.5. Is this still true in Exchange 2000?

If so, whats a cost-effective third party add-on?

Is there a way to configure Exchange to block any outgoing 'Read' receipts? I would be willing to try some VB source code to create a quick solution.

I am aware that you can view the messages in the preview pane and thus not trigger a 'Read' receipt. This is not quite as reliable as I need.

Thanks as always,

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Jamie McKillopIT DirectorCommented:
You can block read receipts from going outside your Exchange organization by opening Exchnage System Manager and expanding Global Settings->Internet Message Formats. Open the Properties page for the Default policy and go to the Advanced tab. Uncheck the box beside "Allow Delivery reports". This will only prevent delivery receipts from going outside your organization, they will still be genereated internally. If you upgrade your clients to Outlook 2002, they have the option to not send delivery receipts regarless of who is requesting one.
If you want to deactivate outgoing read receipts, follow the advice of jjmck.
If you want to avoid your own clients to demand a read receipt, you can download / install the ORK Tools for Office 2000. There you can find ADM files (policy templates) which can be used to deactivate the Outlook default setting to demand a read receipt. This will not avoid a read receipt by individual mail, but the general setting to do it of the outlook client is deactivated by the policy. means, the user has to demand a read receipt for every single mail he wants to send.
LeeGoldingAuthor Commented:
I've done what jjmck has said but it still doesn't work :(

What else could it be? Would it help if I describe my exchange configuration?

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LeeGoldingAuthor Commented:
I've upgraded my Exchange Server to SP3.

The delivery reports are STILL being sent despite all of the above.

I really need to stop these delivery reports for certain users.

Any other advice please?


Have you also installed the EX2K Post SP3 Rollup Patch?

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LeeGoldingAuthor Commented:
One other thing to note it that for Exchange 2000 to send outgoing email, it uses an properly configured SMTP connector I have set up. I don't if that has any significance on this problem as it sends email fine.

I'll try the Post-SP3 service pack tomorrow.


SMTP-Connector? For what? You need only a connector, if you want to make exceptions from the default settings, given by the virtual smtp server, like different smarthost / DNS settings for different domains. Regard the settings of the connector, because they can different from the default settings (as it is an execption).

If you compare the version numbers of the hotfix above (link), you will see, that these versions are higher that the versions published with the Rollup SP3 Patch. Therefore it may be, that MS has not really fixed it until now.
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