FTP access

My server is redhat 7.2 with netmax pro suite front end. After doing an update, I'm no langer able to ftp into the box. I get:
"Connected to xxx.xx.x.x
Connectionn closed by remote host."

When I ftp to localhost at the console I get:

"Connected to localhost (
421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection"

I am able to ftp out of the box to another server.

Any suggestions?
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try to restart the xinetd services
if this doesn't work try:
use the command chkconfig --list

see if your ftp services is there and set to on

if not set it to on
chkconfig wu-ftpd on

and then try to restart the xinetd service

good luck

timothykingAuthor Commented:
ftp is set to "on"

What is the command to restart xinetd services?
/etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd restart


services xinetd restart

greetz mr_rabit
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sorry must be service not services

Is the service running? (ps -aux ftpd)
Has the update added or modified tcp-wrappers (tcpd).  If so have a look at /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/host.deny
run the ftp server wrapped by truss
truss -fae in.ftpd
then try and ftp in and see where it fails
timothykingAuthor Commented:
Another clue: When trying ftp connections from a workstation, I tailed the messeges log and I'm seeing:

netmax proftpd[7490] : no such group 'nogroup'
netmax proftpd[7490] : Fatal: Group: Unknown group 'nogroup'

there is a referrene to 'nogroup' in the proftpd.conf file. Not sure if I shouls remark it.

this means that you login as anonymous ???

try to add the group nogroup and it should work as anonymous.
or remove or remark that line in the proftpd.conf

timothykingAuthor Commented:
I tried both with no success. I got different errors in the messeges log.

"Failed binding to , port 21 Address already in use"

"Check the ServerType directive to ensure you are configured correctly"
port already in use sounds like you have an ftpd running and u  are trying to startb another.
You need to add nogroup to your /etc/group file

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timothykingAuthor Commented:
I looks like during the upgrade a different copy of proftpd.conf was put in place. The folks at Netmax suspected a hacking. We put an older copy of the file in its place and ftp now works. I will keep a close eye on things.
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