Web Layout

I would like to have the website following the layout description
- The top page is the banner
- The middle page is the content
- The bottom page  is the footer.

The layout of the site must be fixed in 800 X 600 resolution.
My question are:
1/ How can i make my fixed on the screen
2/ How can i make the content of the website scrollable i.e i can include the other page which has the content longer than screen resolution but not affect to the main resulotion
Thank you so much
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You can use frames and also the browser will automatically scroll your page, the application need not handle that.
keny2003Author Commented:
Frame is ok but since i want to have a bg as a big picture and frame doesn't look good (even i hide the frame bar).I wanted to use table but i don't know how it work and use it could you please help me to do so
Thank you
hello keny2003,

you could set the width of your page but not the height. Height depends of the content of the page.
And why you want to fix the height?

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keny2003Author Commented:
I want to do something simalar like the site below but not using flash in stead using html
keny2003Author Commented:
In addition i don't want to use the frame, how can i use the table but still can scroll down in the middle
euh, that example you gave is not flash, only the top is flash ....

scrollbars can only to be used in a frame, a td can not contain scrollbars ...

if you want to use a fixed height you can use an iframe
hello keny2003,

The only way is to use IFRAME. I know, it's a frame but a special frame that can be anywhere in the html page.

keny2003Author Commented:
I did tried to use Iframe however the iframe didn't work with Netscape 4.7 in Solaris also not working with IE 5.0 in window 98. Any other way to do it
hello keny2003,

Your are right, IFRAME  was added in the HTTP 1.1 protocol (RFC 2616), and netscape 4.7 implement HTTP 1.1 except IFRAME. For microsoft, they implement IFRAME since IE 4.0.

If you really need your site work on netscape 4.7 you could use IFRAME and if the user browse your site with netscape 4.7 then use layout. It's more work but you could do what you want without using frames.


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