Dynamic Variable Names

Is it possible to take the values of two variables, and put them together to form a third variable name?
For instance, lets say I have the following variables:
(I am leaving off quotes to prevent problems with the form)

animalA = cat
animalB = dog
animalC = fish
animalD = bird
can I then add two values together to crreate a third variable name?

For instance, can I add animalA & animalC to create the variable named catfish, which according to the list below has a value of 12?

catfish = 12
birddog = 13
catdog = 14
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You can't do that in vbscript, unless I'm sorely mistaken, but in javascript you can;

function dothing(){
      var a='dog';
      var b='cat';
      eval('var '+a+b+'=\'I like puppies\';')

but I suppose you use vbscript for your asp, right?
How about this ?

animalA = "cat"
animalB = "dog"
animalC = "fish"
animalD = "bird"
CombinedAnimal = animalA & animalC
response.write "Valeu " & CombinedAnimal
response.write "Vale " & CombinedAnimal
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nistmaruAuthor Commented:
Yes, I use VBScript, but what about a mix of the two? Would it work if the list of variables was in a javascript include file?

I am using the file system object to return a list of all PDF files in a folder where the naming convention is the product part number. I then create a hyperlink to each pdf file, but rather than the file name being the hyperlink, I want touse a descriptive title.

Basically, I have a script that where each PDF file will have a corresponding title that resides with a list of all titles in an include file.

Lets call them abc.pdf and xyz.pdf. The titles will be in the include file like this:
ttl_abc = 'High Quality Machine Parts'
ttl_xyz = 'High Temp Materials'

For instance, when the file 'abc.pdf' is returned, it the script will check the list in the include file to see if there is a value for ttl_abc, and if there is, then it will create a hyperlink to the PDF file using the title as the link. If there was no value for ttl_abc, then it will create a link to the PDF using the PDF filename as the link.

You can use session object for this.

animalA = "cat"
animalB = "dog"
animalC = "fish"
animalD = bird

session(animalA & animalC) = 12

now you can do...
Response.Write session("catfish")
nistmaruAuthor Commented:
Using the session object will work, but I will have dozens, if not hundreds of files, won't that eat up system resources?
Why dynamic variables?
You have a list of files and their titles like this?
ttl_abc = 'High Quality Machine Parts'
ttl_xyz = 'High Temp Materials'

You use FSO to get a list of all the files in a directory.  So it should be a simple case, as in your example, of....
   ttl_abc = 'High Quality Machine Parts'
   ttl_xyz = 'High Temp Materials'
   ... etc for all the descriptive titles

   Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
   Set f = fso.GetFolder(folderspec)
   Set fc = f.Files
   For Each x in fc
        response.write "<a href=" & x.name & ">" & "ttl_" & temp(0) & "</a><br>"
   Set fso=nothing

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Amend this line
response.write "<a href=" & x.name & ">" & "ttl_" & temp(0) & "</a><br>"


response.write "<a href=" & x.name & ">" & eval("ttl_" & temp(0)) & "</a><br>"
nistmaruAuthor Commented:
This worked perfectly, thank you very much!!
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