Windows 2000 Server - Disk Manager sees new drive, I can format and add drive letter, but drive does not show up in My Computer.

I added a Western Digital WD1200JB 120 GB drive to this server as extra capacity for file storage.  The drive shows up in Disk Manager.  I can create a volume, partition it, format it, assign drive letters, etc.  The drive shows up as healthy, with an assigned drive letter (e:).  However, I cannot access it.  If I try to open the drive in Disk Manager (right-click, open) I get "The system cannot find the file specified."  If I try to access the drive through Windows Explorer, it is not there.  I only see c: and d:.

I have tried both Dynamic and Basic disks.  I have tried partitioning the volume to 80 GB and 40 GB.  The partition worked fine, but I still could not see the new partitions in Windows Explorer, only in Disk Manager.  And I get the same error "The system cannot find the file specified," when I try to open it in Disk Manager.

Current setup: Server boots to c: drive which is a RAID1 array on Channel 0 on a Dell PowerVault 220s.  The d: drive is a RAID5 array on Channel 1 on the Dell PowerVault 220s.  Both of these logical drives work fine.  I would like for the new IDE Western Digital drive to be e:.
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Rob StoneCommented:
Is it configured properly in the SCSI BIOS?

What happens if you try mounting the drive in disk management instead of assinging a letter?

Try running explorer e: from the run box as well.
djbabinAuthor Commented:
The new drive is IDE.

I have tried not assigning a drive letter.  Everything looks normal when I do that.  What do you mean by "mounting the drive... instead of assigning a letter"?

explorer e: results in the following message "e:\ is not accessible.  This folder was moved or removed."
Dell has a provision in the bios to boot SCSI or IDE. The problem you have is not the drive or windows but and inability to cross the SCSI channel to IDE.  I suggest adding a SCSI drive. IDE is not going to work in this environment
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djbabinAuthor Commented:
The system is set to boot to SCSI.  Are you saying that I can't have IDE drives and SCSI drives on the same system?  Why does my IDE CD-ROM drive work?
Rob StoneCommented:
I've no experience in mixing drive types but hopefully ctgordon can answer that question.

To mount a drive you use Disk Management and when you get to the assign drive letter page there is a mount option.
djbabinAuthor Commented:
Problem solved...  When I came in this morning the e: drive had shown up in My Computer now.  I haven't done anything.  Strange.
Rob StoneCommented:
Thats good news.

Email the mods and get this refunded as nothing suggested helped.
djbabinAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Stoner.  What address should I use to email the mods?
djbabinAuthor Commented:
Please close this question and refund the points.  Thanks!
djbabinAuthor Commented:
Can I get a refund?
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