Citrix Metaframe - Domain Controller Unavailable

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Every now and again our Citrix Server Farm looses connectivity with the Domain Controller and becomes dead in the water.  When it looses its connectivity, the entire farm cannont communicate.  Also, the server is unresponsive to reboots either locally or remotely.  The machine needs to be hard booted in order for it to return to a normal state.  I have gone through the event logs and the only event ID that relates to this is 5783.  Any suggestions or ideas?
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As per

Woodrow Wayne Collins (Last update 10/8/2003):
As per Microsoft: " These issues may occur if the Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect service is running". See Q810402 for more details.

Chin-Kiat Chim
The error happens when the client fails to establish the session with the remote server. Since the problem happens intermittently, it might be caused by server's high workload. The server cannot response to the client in a certain time, then the client records the error. Normally, the client can try several times to establish the session. If you don't find a continuous error on the client or don't find any impact on the client, then you can ignore the error.

Wai-Wah Tang
NetBIOS can also be the cause of the problem. Enabling "NetBIOS over TCP/IP" in the TCP/IP Advanced Settings can also resolve this issue.

Lewis Shelton
Microsoft says to uninstall and reinstall all networking components. This is because the MS network client is the one that is making the RPC call, and if that is corrupted then communication with the rest of the network will fail. You should also remove and reinstall your protocols as well. Make sure that you have a good backup of your registry.  When you uninstall all the network components your shares go away, and you will have to restore the registry to get them back.  Microsoft neglected to tell me this. I believe that our problems started with a bad LAN card.

Michael Papalabrou
The machine could not log on to the domain using the computer account. The domain controller is UP but the RPC and netlogon services are down for some reason. Your problem is on the closest or the authenticating DC, check for service failures.

Tarun Nischal
We had the following characterstics of the problem:
1. The system was getting slower
2. The Terminal Server Manager would show only the current server information
3. Net Use command would hang
4. The login and logoff process got slower and slower
5.  No domain users would get authenticated
The problem was resolved by installing Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 3.

This appears to be an error which occurs when there is some network error and the server is not able to access the domain controller.

When you have a Trust between two Windows 2000 Domains and one of the domains is unreachable, for example, via VPN. You get the 5783 error. If you have the situation as described above, the only thing you have to do is, activate the connection between both domains. It happens because a computer in one network is trying to logon to a resource in another network.

Liam Waters
I received this error when trying to create and verify a trust between two domains. The verify would fail and I would get this event id. The solution is to use the full domain name when entering in a user in the opposite domain i.e.\Administrator instead of LDW\Administrator. The verification works and the event id disappears.;en-us;Q810402 See this if you have Norton Internet Security.

I have exactly the same problem on my Citrix Farm: Citrix FR2, SP2: running on Win2K SP3, in an NT4 domain with 2 DC's.

The error occurrs on both Citrix servers in the farm, is intermittent, and the servers report losing the RPC session to both the NT4 DC's.

Initially I thought this may have occurred after installing the blaster patch on the servers. I removed this, but there has been no change.

I'm not running Norton on this: next stage is to run some monitoring on the servers and see if this is a CPU problem causing the RPC service to fail.

The only other thing to note is that my PC (Win2K, SP4 and most recent hotfixes) sometimes loses LAN connectivity to the PDC (which also hosts data), so there is also the possibility of some type of networking errors.

If I find an answer I'll submit it.

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