passing text string parameters

i'm using a calendar app with an administrative interface.  even though i know it would be desirable to use numeric values  i don't want to spend much more time developing the admin interface i need to find a way to pass along text strings that won't fail. for example i'd love to use this:

<a href="event.cfm?Eventname=<CFOUTPUT>#ListGetAt(Lst_Eventname,ListFindNoCase(Lst_CalendarDay,i_day,'~'),'~')#</CFOUTPUT>"><cfoutput>#ListGetAt(Lst_Eventname,ListFindNoCase(Lst_CalendarDay,i_day,'~'),'~')#</cfoutput></a>

but this Eventname doesn't show up on my results page: Spectrum Animation &#8211; The Art of Motion: A Film Series Produced By EAARC

however this Eventname does: Los Angeles: A Festival of Independent Filmmakers Los Angeles

any ideas how to tighten this up a bit so it always works?
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Try  using
<cfset myUrl = HTMLCodeFormat(#ListGetAt(Lst_Eventname,ListFindNoCase(Lst_CalendarDay,i_day,'~'),'~')#)>
<a href="event.cfm?Eventnamea=#myUrl#>#ListGetAt(Lst_Eventname,ListFindNoCase(Lst_CalendarDay,i_day,'~'),'~')#</a>

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any luck
phillystyle123Author Commented:
hi CFDevHead,<PRE>Bach&#8217;s%20Circle:%20Bach%20and%20the%20Avant-Garde</PRE>

is what i'm getting when using your code. not working but at least i'm not getting an error.  
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wrong function use this instead HTMLEditFormat
phillystyle123Author Commented:
CFDevHead - i think what we're looking for is

urlencodedformat - this is what my code (that now works!) looks like:

<cfset myUrl = urlencodedformat(#ListGetAt(Lst_Eventname,ListFindNoCase(Lst_CalendarDay,i_day,'~'),'~')#)>
<a href="event.cfm?Eventname=#myUrl#">#ListGetAt(Lst_Eventname,ListFindNoCase(Lst_CalendarDay,i_day,'~'),'~')#</a>

thanks for the help!
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