Group Policy for Outlook Client

How would I create a policy that restricts users from using the "Preview panel" within Outlook. On a Window 2003, Active directory, Exchange 5.5 or 2000 and the clients use Outlook? Please give me details experts..thanks in advance.
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You can do it in VB by enabling/disabling Outlook control ID's. I wrote this awhile back, it will list most of the ID's. Use it in Outlook via the macro option. With these control ID's, you can enable/disable items via group policy. Just be prepared for the complaints, users like their features.

Sub EnumItemMenus()
    Dim objApp As Application
    Dim objExplorer As Explorer
    Dim objCB As CommandBar
    Dim objControl As CommandBarControl
    Dim objSubCB As CommandBar
    Dim objSubCBCtrl As CommandBarControl
    Set objApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set objExplorer = objApp.ActiveExplorer
    For Each objCB In objExplorer.CommandBars
        Debug.Print objCB.Name, objCB.Type
        If objCB.Type = msoBarTypeMenuBar Then
            For Each objControl In objCB.Controls
                Debug.Print "Menu: " & objControl.Caption, _
                If objControl.Type = msoControlPopup Then
                    Set objSubCB = objControl.CommandBar
                    For Each objSubCBCtrl In objSubCB.Controls
                        Debug.Print objSubCBCtrl.Caption, _
                End If
        End If
End Sub
Here is the list I did awhile back, assuming it is still accurate the ID you want is: Preview Pa&ne     5514

Clipboard   0
Menu Bar          1
Menu: &File       30002
Ne&w              30037
&Open             30125
Clos&e All Items         722
Save &As...       748
Save Attachme&nts       30126
&Folder           30114
S&hare            31128
Impor&t and Export...    2577
A&rchive...       1886
Page Set&up       30172
Print Pre&view        109
&Print...         4
Wor&k Offline     5613
E&xit             752
Exit and &Log Off     1891

Menu: &Edit       30003
&Undo Delete      128
Cu&t              21
&Copy             19
&Paste            22
Cle&ar            47
Select A&ll       756
&Delete           478
&Move to Folder...      1679
Cop&y to Folder...       1676
Mar&k as Read     1674
Mark as U&nread               1675
Mark All as R&ead             1906
Categor&ies...                1888

Menu: &View       30004
Current &View     30124
&Go To            30328
&Outlook Bar      2515
Fold&er List      1077
Preview Pa&ne     5514
Auto&Preview      1744
Show Folder &Home Page        5432
E&xpand/Collapse Groups       30121
&Toolbars         30045
&Status Bar       850

Menu: &Tools      30007
&Send             5577
S&end/Receive     31125
Receive Fa&x      5461
Sync&hronize      31127
&Windows CE Inbox Transfer...  5653
&Remote Mail      30170
Dial-Up Co&nnection           31150
Address &Book...              353
F&ind             5592
A&dvanced Find...             5505
Find &Public Folder...        5438
Organi&ze         5593
Ru&les Wizard...              721
Inbo&x Assistant...           33082
O&ut of Office Assistant...   5621
Microsoft &Mail Tools         31131
Microsoft Fa&x Tools          31130
Empt&y "Deleted Items" Folder   1671
Recover Dele&ted Items...     5654
&Forms            31132
&Macro            30017
Ser&vices...      1882
&Accounts...      5540
&Customize...     797
&Options...       522
cc:Mail Service Tools         30489
Clean Sweep...                0
&Personal Address Book...     0
Server Space      0

Menu: &Actions                30131
&New Mail Message             2986
New Fa&x Message              5678
New Fa&x Message              5632
We&b Form         5665
New &Mail Message Using       31146
&Flag for Follow Up...        1678
F&ind All         30169
&Junk E-mail      31126
&Reply            354
Reply to A&ll     355
For&ward          356

Menu: &Help       30010
Microsoft Outlook &Help       984
cc:Mail Service Help Topics   4400
Show the &Office Assistant    1004
Microsoft Mail H&elp Topics   5638
Microsoft Fa&x Help Topics    5633
What's &This?     124
Office on the &Web            3775
Detect and &Repair...         3774
&About Microsoft Outlook      927
Forgot to mention, you will likely need the Outlook *.adm file as well, and add it to your group policy. In Outlook 2000, it was on the Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit.
Last post, these are the specific ones... depending on the version of your clients:

Outlook 2002 "XP" = Outlk10.adm  
Outlook 2000 = Outlk9.adm  
What more do you need? Looks like I covered every scenario...

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